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+0.5 Diopter Improvement in 1 Week
Hi guys. Just joined this forum. I first found out about this vision improvement thing through some youtube video of someone trying it out and then i looked more into and found out there's a huge underground network of people working on it. I really commend David the webmaster for first of creating this site and then still maintaining it after so much time. It is rare for people to maintain websites for this long.

Anyways, started this whole thing about a week ago (weekend before this one). I borrowed "Seeing Without Glasses" by Roberto Kaplan from the library and finished it in two days so because it was so interesting. I rarely read books so my mom was very surprised to see me reading it.

Took of my glasses as soon as it said to. I was wearing a -3.75 diopter glasses and now after a week of doing exercises and being aware when I eye-strain, I can see almost clearly through my -3.25 glasses. I practiced palming, zooming, eye muscle stretches, accupressure, and sunning (when I'm not lazy).

I'm now starting a book called "Take Off Your Glasses and See" by Jacob Liberman. Great book so far as well.

There are two things I want to discuss: work and astigmatism.
Does anyone have astigmatism, and are there any specific exercises that works for you to fix your astigmatism because I feel that my astigmatism hasn't improved or that I can't really tell that it improved.

Also, I know some of you guys have work. I work 8 hours a day and 3/4 of the time i'm in front of the computer or I'm looking at presentations, so I need my -3.25 glasses (the next one down is like -2.5 and its too small for my head). How do you handle your eyes at work?
hi - congrats on your improvement so far - now write down what you did that you think helped the most! When life gets carried away later you'll need that reminder, trust me. keep going!

I have some astigmatism. At first only my myopia improved, and the astigmatism became more apparent. At the moment I'm practicing less because I'm writing up my dissertation. But I have noticed that the astigmatism is now slowly going away. I'll go to the optometrist someday to check this officially but I can tell that there is no longer a huge difference between the way I see horizontal and vertical lines like before.

For work, the key is to give yourself a mini 5 minute break every half hour. Do one or some of the following: take some deep breaths, get up and stretch, look out the window, blink, walk around, get some water, palm,etc. The most important things are to: move, blink, look at something at a different distance than what you've been staring at the last half hour. being consistent about giving yourself these breaks helps a lot, because unconsciously you start to develop better seeing habits in between.

Thanks sorrisi for the advice. Yeah I've sort of done that at work, but I need to shoot for more frequent breaks, right now it's about one every 1.5 hour =\. Sometimes forget when I get caught up in my work.

As for what helped me the most...Very hard to answer that. Besides taking off my glasses, I think the exercise that helped my improvement the most was the eye muscle stretches and taking deep breaths while palming. I think I need to spend more time palming as I only do them about 2 minutes at a time maybe 5 times a day. Eye muscle stretches helped a lot especially when I breathed and blinked while doing them. At the beginning, I definitely could feel that my muscles weren't as flexible. As I breathed and blinked while doing them each time, over the course of the week, I already felt so much more flexible and mobile with my eyes.

Yeah I feel the same about my eye improvement. My myopia has improved, but my astigmatism is sort of slow. Another thing is that I don't know what it's like to not have astigmatism because as far as I remember, I've always had it once I became myopic, so it's kind of hard to see improvement myopic-wise because everything still looks blurry -- hard to explain. The books that I've read tell me is that people with astigmatism see blurry things at any distance, so I'm guessing distance things look two times as blurry for me.
what's zooming?
There might be another name for zooming. It's an exercise that works the ciliary muscles. You focus on something near and then shift your focus to something farther away.

The exercise is supposed to help you focus on objects faster. If you're a student this is helpful because you look down on you're paper to take notes and then you look back up the board that's farther away to focus. The faster you are able to focus on each object, the more efficient your notetaking will be.
You are on the wrong website if you believe you can exercise your ciliary muscles. Please read the Bates book. The ciliary muscles have nothing to do with the accomodation.

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