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Thoughts on this book
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What is your opinion on that ?
Herbs can help the eyes as much anything that lowers pressure, or relaxes the nervous system can. This is done by using them to help you relax and make the mental work easier.

Garlic for example can lower your pressure, and Euphrasia has an effect on the nervous system and the eyes. Personally, it makes my eyes focus better and has help me get rid of headaches instantly.

Herbs can help as much they can help with depression. If you take Cocaine, you may feel euphoria, and power. But after some hours, you will be depressed again. If you just keep taking Cocaine, you will become an addict and eventually you will poison yourself to death and the depression will stay unless you do your mental work and get over it.

By taking Cocaine i am referring to traditional Cocaine "Tea" or Cocaine Solutions that where considered medicines in the first half of 20st century. But even if you overdone it with sugar, you will become sugarcholic, imagine by drinking Cocaine tea all the day...
Anyone ever read this book? This guy was into spiritual stuff if its the same person.
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Here's a Amazon Look Inside view-interesting.

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