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Bifocals? Question.
I have these old minus glasses, I was wondering if I can pop out the lenses and some how tape them over the plus lenses. Would that render the plus technique useless?
Dear Beetle,

Rather than attempting to "patch" an old pair of glasses,
I would simply order a new pair for $9 from Zennioptical.

If you want a "bifocal" then they have that also, for
a reasonably low cost.  Take a look.

It would be difficult to "tape" a plus to a minus.  The
concept is sound, since the powers "add".

For instance, if you had a -4 diopter perscription (for distance),
you could "tape" a +2 diopter lens on, which would give
you a -4 +2 = -2 diopter power lens for "near".



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