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plastic surgery
This is off topic but tattoo's and plastic surgery are different because one makes prints and the other cuts and replaces. I can only guess you asked for religious reasons and my advice is that you can get anything you want regardless of what man in the sky you worship.
No! Some religions forbid their believers for having tattoos. And not all religions believe there is a Man in Heaven.
I think that Jewish, Muslim and Christian religion does though...

Plastic, is from a Hellenic word and in the Plastic Surgery case means to reshape or reform.
Tattoos are a "cosmetic art" and they can be removed with sandpaper after you are bored with them, or you can get tattoos that fade away after some time.

Check your local priest or Google it to be sure. Wink
Ares Wrote:and they can be removed with sandpaper after you are bored with them.

I don't think they can, they have to be lasered off.
Well, lasers burn the upper layers of the skin to let the lower layers come up filling the gap. Because a tattoo is not written on the DNA, the regenerated skin will not have the tattoo.

So a sandpaper can work the same in a more brutal, violent and maybe bloody way. Maybe it takes time, but will probably work. It's the same concept with Lasers after all.

I don't know anyone who sanded a tattoo of, i have used myself sandpaper for removing minor skin marks.

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