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central fixation of the mind
I have improved my vision a lot by practicing the Bates method (mostly by palming; practicing shifting, swinging, central fixation with the chart; and by taking frequent breaks from work to rest my eyes). Now, I'm improving it even more by applying the principles to other aspects of my life. Dr. Bates often talked about improving mental control, in other words, obtaining central fixation of the mind as well as the eyes. I've found this to be really important and I've written some posts about in the last few months.

I found a blogger online that has some really good articles that have helped me to improve my ability to focus (correctly!) I'm getting more efficient at work and find that my vision is often better AFTER I work than before!

Anyway, below are the articles that helped me. If you like them, then give this guy a vote each day, he's running for a contest to get sponsorship as a blogger. It's a small way to say thank you, you just click 'vote' each day at this link:
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Here is an article of his that helped me to get central fixation of the mind:
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And an article that I adapted for using on the computer that really helped my vision improve while working:
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I wrote a post on my blog that goes in on this more: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... -the-mind/</a><!-- m -->

It might sound cheesy that I'm supporting him so strongly, but I think this is a small thank you for the useful articles he puts out there! You can vote from every device, every day, until Dec 10 for him here:
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The votes jump up quite a lot each day and he's been pretty consistently in fourth place, only shy from first place by a couple hundred votes. Maybe we can help him bridge that gap. If you really get into it, he also has a link on his blog where you can get a reminder to vote each day.

Well, no matter what you do, at least just give this a try, do one thing best at a time. The attention of your mind and actions on the same things. I hope it helps you guys as much as it helped me!
Uh..I read the two articles but to be honest, I didn't find much that applied to me, although it is more than likely that I am simply ignorant and don't realize how much I could benefit from it. Then again, I'm still young and my only goal these days is to improve my eyesight to 20/20 or better. I agree with the concept of central fixation of the mind though. My problem doesn't tend to be doing two things at once, but doing one thing and thinking another. I've noticed that it puts more strain on the eyes to be reading something and not be entirely focused on it, so I've been trying to fix that lately.
Hi PIkachu

Quote:My problem doesn't tend to be doing two things at once, but doing one thing and thinking another.

That's what I go into on my blog post that I referenced above, it's the number one thing I've changed lately that improves my eyesight, so I'd definitely say it's a bad habit worth dropping.
Yeah, I've been trying to work on that too. Mental habits are so difficult to break! If someone told me to stop eating junk food, for example, I could just stop and although the temptation would be there, I could force myself not to follow through on the bad habit. With reading though, I have to tell myself to focus and NOT think about anything else, which is especially difficult when you're reading something you don't want to read. It's all about mental self-control, I suppose.
Hi Pls can u help me with the following:
I got these problems and i think these appear to me ONLY in summer..So..
I see things and it's like i don't believe they exist and want to stare at them..
I'm always remembering things i don't want to remeber but can't do anything to forget them
Its like the guy said i'm thinking about other things while doing something else
This is crazy man and i don't believe it has to do with my eyes..has it? Smile

And pls if u can tell me:CAn this dissapear?!


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