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By accident
Three months ago my glasses broke and I decided to just give them up for awhile . One month ago, by accident, I discovered that I could see clearly at distance with my right eye (cataract) . I could see clearly at distance and better than normal at 50 feet. Like when I was twenty. It lasted for about eight hrs and went away. I was elated and dissapointed to say the least. My moments of clarity have come and gone since but are more frequent since exercises. I have learned that the amino acid, Taurine, is good for the eyes. Oh, also mega doses of vit C. My belief is that not using my glasses forced me to exercise my eyes. Thanks, Neal Turner 63 yrs.
Jan 11 2001. I am seeing some more improvement in my farsightedness by just not wearing my glasses and doing minimal exercizes. My near site is about the same. I have increased my vita c intake as well as my taurine supplement. Seems that my improvement is in the am and subsides as the day wears on. Neal Turner
This is great news. Good luck.
hey guys.I registered a long ago but i am posting now.Somebody please tell me where to start.Some things about me.I am 21 male.Kind of computer addict.I wear -2.50 glasses.I am looking to apply for police force in my country but they don't accept men with poor vision.They also don't accept any visual aid.I am trying to earn some money online,for that i have to spend hours in front of this old monitor.

But i seriously want to change myself and my habits.So somebody please give me some links,from where to start,wat to do.I am a total newbie in this bates method and all.

Also do i have to leave computer work and not wear glasses at all?
@Ahsen: I'm not too familiar with all of the sources online, but I believe that a lot of people advocate <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w --> for Bates material. Familiarize yourself with the concepts and go for it! You might have better luck with help if you create a new topic in the "Bates method" section of the forums.

As for the glasses, it is a completely personal decision you have to make for yourself. According to Bates, the wearing of glasses will always delay improvement in vision. Just how much exactly is up for debate. Your prescription appears to be on the low side (compared to many of us here), but you really need to find out how well you can see without them first. If you can comfortably use the computer without them, I would advise not using them. In general, the "right" answer about glasses is "use them only if you feel that it is necessary".

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