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Success With Bate's Concepts
Thanks for the insights Wynn,

I appreciate your focus on:
learning to feel no tension,
apply the effortless feeling of no tension,
like performing a biological reset !

You also described the feeling as "feeling the eyemuscles melting into relaxation",
then I immediately got what you meant Smile, and I think I can apply it .

I am terribly bad at following vision exercises, my goal is to understand,
and use the eyes according to my understanding of the visual habits.
Dear Hammer,

I am glad to be of help.

If you have any questions or need clarification on any thing don't hesitate to ask. I will do what I can to help.

I wish you the best in your efforts to improve your eyesight.
hey wynn!! congratulations on restoring your eyesight!! so i havn't seen improvement in a while ( 4 weeks ) and i've been doing exactly the same exercises since the very start, i usally see improvement every 3 weeks but its been a month and my vision hasn't improved, i've been practicing good vision habits for 5 months now this is what i do daily, please tell me if this is enough or if i should be doing more of an individual exercise:
breakfast ( if im feelings hungry )
-palm ( 15 mins)
-look out the window with a sticker stuck to the window and i focus on that sticker then look into the distance, this one ( 100 times )
-palm ( 15 mins )
-swing ( 50 times ) ( i hate this exercises >< )
-shift on objects

palm ( 15 mins)
-swing ( 50 times )
-fusion ( i grab a pencil or use my finger and put it 30-40 cm infront of my face concentrate on it then look into the distance and see double of my finger or object im holding ) ( 5-10 mins)
-palm again ( 15 mins
-shift on all objects i look at

palm ( 15 mins )
-fusion on the wall at night it's also good for stretching my eyesight
-swing again 25 times
-palm for 15 mins

ok, so that's all that i do everyday im i missing out on some exercises, should i be doing more of a certain exercise or all of them, it's really weird because every 2-3 weeks i always, always notice improvement but it's been a month now and i havn't seen anything, i dont want to say this but i think my vision has maybe even went back to square 1 where i first started. my vision is about -2.30 in both eyes. thanks for your reply in advance
Hi Radiation15,

Sorry for the delayed reply, I've been a bit busy with some work projects.

Wow, it is good that you do eye exercises diligently three times a day. It takes a lot of determination to keep it up. That is great!

I'm not sure if you had a chance to read through the lessons that I wrote in the Wynning Vision Program, but I'll go over an important point that may help.

It is important to use sunlight and distance vision to bring your eye muscles back to their rest position. You should concentrate on sensing how your extraocular muscles feel when you are looking at a cloud or a distant tree. I prefer to look at clouds because it is bright and far. When you first start, the cloud will feel too bright and your eyes may water. But, keep looking from point to point on the cloud and after about 5 minutes, your eyes should adjust. After about a week, your eyes should not water anymore when you start the exercise. Your face will feel like it is scrunching up from the bright light, but concentrate on how your extraocular muscles feel. It should feel stretched and relaxed. You want the eye muscles to return to this position as fast and easy as possible. So, practice until you can feel this.

You may want to change your exercise to:
1.Looking at the clouds and focusing on one point at a time (at least 15 to 30 minutes in the morning or afternoon. Sometimes I do it for 1 hour)
2.Sunning (5 minutes)
3.Palming at the end to relax the eyes. (5 minutes)

You can skip the swinging, shifting, fusion, and night practice until you can feel the eye muscles getting back to its rest position easily. This should take one to four weeks depending on how much you practice and your ability to sense the eye muscles.

Once you master it, then you can work on the next skill like fusion, shifting, etc.

When the eye muscles can easily move back to its rest position, you will see clear flashes more often and it will last longer. Once you can hold the clear flashes for a few minutes, you know that your eye muscles are able to return to its rest position well.

Hope this can help you continue to improve.
Best regards,
Thanks wynn Smile i added those exercises to my list and wow after 5 mins of the first time of doing these cloud exercises, just by looking up at the sky and from the brightness and light hurting my eyes and looking back down i saw things crystal clear thnx man
Yep, that's water.
hereford_picnic Wrote:Yep, that's water.
radiation15 Wrote:Thanks wynn Smile i added those exercises to my list and wow after 5 mins of the first time of doing these cloud exercises, just by looking up at the sky and from the brightness and light hurting my eyes and looking back down i saw things crystal clear thnx man
@hereford_picanictypegoodies: Riiiigggghhhttt -- So, even if your assumption is true which it probably isn't -- temporarily or momentarily repairing the tearfilm so that a flash of clear eyesight can occur, is just another thing to sneer at.
Your username seems quite apt - brainy as a hereford cow.
[user banned for trolling - David]
hereford_picnic Wrote:Has happened to me many times. Think about how contact lenses work. Cows are great!
Duh. What would be great would be if you could string together more than two or three coherent ideas in a row, rather than stopping as soon as you confirm your preconceived and misguided ideas.
"You should keep your head still" - It is strange,because this is against Bates view...but if had improved your eyesight i must respect. But it is strange...
Thanks for your work, i love it.
Your first lesson is exactly what i am doing now. I ussualy do sunning and skygazing once in a while and after i get some improvement on my eyes after a few days training i am increasing the training now. Ussually i only doing it about 1-2 minutes. Now 10-15 minutes.

I find your post very encouraging, despite what some people are saying. Ny vision is about the same as yours when you started, and I just started doing the Bate's method several months ago. I won't be purchasing your book because I already bought Greg Marsh's CD''s and read Thomas Quackenbush's book Relearning to See. Both of them state repeatedly that eye exercises alone will not work. You have to retrain the way you use your eyes 24/7.

I would love to have the time to sun and palm daily, but I seriously don't because my husband works out of town and I take care of my 1-year-old daughter. Despite that, I spend a LOT of time outside pkaying with her and scanning the horizon, and I think I've become very good at centralization.

Sometimes I feel doubtful I can reach 20/20 but I'm encouraged that you were able to. I also want to say, I did eye exercises for a full year several years ago with hardly any results. It was not the Bate's method so I understand why it didn't work. But I really don't want to practice isolated exercises everyday anymore. It was sooo tedious!

I also can't believe how fast your vision improved. I think that must be pretty unusual.
Your guide uses fusion 3D exercises.
According to few members on this forum this is a dangerous exercise.

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