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i restored my eyesight thanks
Hi .My name is Sina and im 19.I wanted to share my story with you.I have been searching for something or an exercise that may cure my poor vision since I was 16 but anything I found was not free but I really never got tired from searching. and at last 3 month ago I found your amazing article and I was very amazed that finaly I found something that I have been looking for.By the way I was -4.25 both eyes actually my right eyes was 0.25 weaker than the other one anyway I took off my glasses and hide it somewhere in my house and told myself I would never ever come for wearing them again. I started carefully performing every exercise step by step doing them 4 days rest for 3 days.I told my family my mom about this amazing way of healing she smiled at me and said ok lets go for an eye check up you are so confiedent.I was doing these exercises for about 3 weeks in that time.When I was waiting for my turn I was pretty sure of myself and happy for showing my mom that I have improved naturally.So my doctor checked me and said,your astigmat increased by 1.30 on each side and your vision have decreased about 0.50 on both sides.I was shocked .I felt like empty I felt ..I cant explain my feelings in that moment all my hopes were destroyed in that room.My doctor laughed and said why are you so upset you are still young and your vision will get even worth up to the age of 21 and after that when you got 43 your vision will decrease more and anyway what is really wrong with glasses?If you dont like them I will attend lasic surgery but it is still very soon for you .So for now I will write lenses for you if you dont like glasses.It was very difficult for me to loose I have never experienced being such a looser I always felt myself as a winner and have been told myself I can get anything I want in my life but what happened.I was truly believed in these exercises.You know what would happen when you believe in something but suddenly all the things go wrong.I have ordered a new glasses and lenses too.My glasses were perfect as well as my vision while wearing them my lenses were perfect too.So with so much wrath I turned on my computer and wanted to delete the PDF file I yelled THIS IS WHAT I AM I CANT CHANGE ANYTHING I HAVE BORN WITH THIS.What did I expect. but suddenly something inside me said dont give up.Dont let the environment and pressures beat you.and there is no reason for the world be against you.So again I started the exercises that I had stopped it after going to a check up.But with a little difference I started the exercises I put a smile on my face and tried to enjoy the whole exercise rather than considering it as a boring duty that I should do this if I want to have clear vision.I did it for 3 month between this period of time I saw improvement a lot though but one morning When I woke up and looked at my computer monitor screen And I shocked I could see the tiny GOOD MORNING screen saver on my monitor screen.I suddenly laughed and go outside with my sleep clothes I saw everything clearly after all every color so I called my family and told them I want to go to a check up and I want you two to be with me.They agreed .And before the check up doctor told me your eyesight probably have gotten worth in this several month so I want you to not feeling nervous about it.When the check up finished God I never forget the doctor face .He said Its are 20/20 your astigmat has gone completely.What have you done?I said natural lasic surgery.And I left the doctor office.

ohhhhhhh I spoke a lot huh?sorry and im not a native so my english is not perfect If I made a mistake forgive me guys.I just wanted to thanks for the free guide once more. It was not just healed and cured my eyes but I had learn a lot about the life to always laughe to my problems and in the saddest moments it is always hope you just have find it.
Thanks for sharing!
Site Administrator

"Half of our funny, heathen lives, we are bent double to gather things we have tossed away." - George Meredith
Sina, Congratulations!!!

Yours is a great success story - really inspiring!
I'm wondering about those 3 months when you restored your eyesight - did you continue to practice the exact same exercises as you did before (4 days/week, 3 days rest) but with the addition of a happy, playful attitude? Or did you do things totally different from the first time? Was you success determined entirely by the addition of a good attitude?

Which exercises did you practice?

Do you still practice your exercises or do you feel no need for them now (because you 'see in a different way' and understand how to see correctly all of the time)?

Thanks for this story - it's really encouraging!! Smile
That's awesome! Congratulations from me too! Big Grin

By the sound of it, you don't need the exercises no more. And in only 3 months you say, huh? I'm actually a little envious of you. Smile My day to open my own thread in this part of the forum is still pending.

I hope this isn't the last time you came here. I'm sure you have stuff to share about this achievement which many of us would like to hear!

Rock on!
why is this exact success story posted one year ago here?

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Weird. Maybe it's a bot.
Site Administrator

"Half of our funny, heathen lives, we are bent double to gather things we have tossed away." - George Meredith
Don't bots usually have random URL links in their signatures though?
Well, this user haven't mentioned to be used the Bates Method, if you can see he/she is speaking mostly about "eye exercises". In the above link you can prove that.
It's a place for our sucess with this method, so I don't consider this a real story. Maybe not a bot but it should be moved from here...

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