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how to screw up
There are a lot of ways to screw up this process of shifting attention:

- Falling into a pattern of shifting your eyes so that you don't have to be so intensely attentive. The problem here is you aren't attentive enough, at least not in the right way, and you're undermining yourself by trying to create a program for yourself, or in other words trying to run on autopilot. Your attention has to be in agreement with the way your eyes shift. For now, you can't afford to listen to music or do other things while practicing this. You need all of your attention until you've got it down enough that you can become multi-functional.

- Tensing your eyes to narrow your attention. It's possible to create some measure of tunnel vision for yourself by tensing your eyes. But it doesn't really help you in a sustainable way in narrowing your attention effectively. You have to be willing to continue to see with your peripheral vision while narrowing your attention. Some vision improvement teachers teach their students to remain aware of the periphery, and doing so often helps somewhat because it counteracts your programmed behavior of tunnel vision. So when you narrow your attention, it doesn't necessarily mean that things will appear differently right away. You just have to keep in your mind that you're paying attention to the smallest possible point, and so effectively that's what you're doing.
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I've been screwing up since my issue...and here I was thinking things were improving just slowly.

When I read or do anything with detail I create the tunnel vision effect. (just had to stop myself)
Now the autopilot thing...of all times I do it when I drive...after my accident I increased my focus but my eyes and head would hurt so I'd relax a bit...not too much...I get home without incident but it worries me...that is actually the reason I was searching for a site to help...

How would I stay comfortable while still getting what needs doing...done?


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