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Greg Marsh NVI Intro Audio
Clark, yes, it's a delicate dance between being sympathetic to people's problems (which may actually have something to do with why their vision is limited, whether they know it or not), and letting them just use up your time to gripe. It's different with different students too -- some want to know everything in the first lesson when I know they haven't yet absorbed what we talked about 10 minutes ago which is foundational, and will probably forget it if I don't go back and reinforce it. Own your power as the teacher and the one who has studied this subject, and make your time limits clear. I've been doing this for a little while now and still learn something from every student. Any teacher who has stopped learning worries me.
Good to hear. Was thinking I was a bit grumpy.
Would love to someday set up a big warehouse with sections for each activity with videos, large chart pictures... People can walk around and learn, review each subject. Of course need a sunny field to relax in. Looking at a old building that has small stream running under it.
Nancy Wrote:Any teacher who has stopped learning worries me.

That brings to mind a sage quote I saw once on a website about learning how to fly, "You are always a student, always learning. The only reason you shouldn't be learning is because you don't exist anymore. Learning is part of living."

Sitting here end of day and had to get up and tell you this;
I took your advice and set some rules with a student and it turned out pretty good!
She said I can post her condition here as long as not her name.

She calls a lot in past 3 weeks. Condition; cataract both eyes, very low vision, has to use white print on black... background to read... Very difficult to see.
Told her; every time you call asking for help you avoid allowing me to give a lesson; just ask about nutrition and how other students cured eye problems... I forced her, in a nice way to let me talk, not be afraid; turns out she admitted she’s afraid to try anything unless scientifically proven as fact. She could not understand shifting, central vision...
Had her look out a window at a distant house; shift part to part on the center left side, then the right, then left, then top... Then explained head/face moves with eyes and its the center retina, central field that moves onto the object of visual attention.
Then explained this is only practice to get the eyes moving and the true function is free shifting movement without any exercise type of set controlled pattern, bla, bla, bla. taught other things but too tired to write.

Told me she first developed the cataracts after many years wearing glasses and had quit glasses about 4 years ago but; had developed the habit of using the peripheral area of her eyes retina, peripheral field to see with; she tilts, turns her head to one side to see around the cataracts that are in her central field! After shifting, practicing central fixation she realized that this using the peripheral field to see with may be preventing her cataracts from reversing. Diffusion; opposite of central-fixation and also limits, tenses eye movment, eye muscles tense up. I know most people that have cataracts from wearing glasses benefit when they stop the glasses. She then mentioned she fell a few years back and landed on her face, eye very bruised; tramatic cataract! Another student recently had same problem after being hit by a baseball in the nose, eye injury then cataracts happened. Quit glasses, doing Bates Method and no more cataracts! Now general vision improving.

Will let you know how the other lady does.

Clark, thanks so much for letting me know. What a great insight for this student, and that she realized it herself will really help her remember it. Nice job, Teach!

A guy with 2 retina detachments and 2 surgeries just told me he thinks it was brought on by his glaucoma meds which I never heard of but will watch out for now. Fighting the natural function of the eye with meds or surgeries or bad habits (like your student looking around the cataract) just doesn't work!
Another Greg Marsh radio class today, same big emphasis he's given before on relaxation, palming, noticing and appreciating minor eyesight improvements.
Anyone hear from Greg Marsh?
I wrote to him asking if he is ok; I think the big fire in Colorado is near his Natural Eyesight school. He always E-mails back but not this time. I hope he and the school are ok.
He wrote back, is ok. Fire close! Everyone keep a postive thought for rain.
(06-29-2012, 04:24 AM)clarknight Wrote: He wrote back, is ok. Fire close! Everyone keep a postive thought for rain.

New Greg Marsh (natural vision Bates teacher in Colorado) teaching video, including a demonstration of the Long Swing.
Greg took it all to YouTube!!! ;


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