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kevin913 Wrote:i've heard a lot of people saying that eating blueberries improves or help your eye vision in a way is that true? and same goes for other vitamin a foods right?

That is true,
The english fighter pilots in the 2nd world war were eating blueberries to get better night vision, and obviously it helped them.
The right food improves vision as you say.
Cassius Clay was eating vitamin A by the way, but you also need vitamin E to get the vitamin A into your body.
In fact it can be really impossible to relax your eyes enough if you do not eat the right food, because otherwise there builds up some kind of a tension threshold that is preventing further relaxation.
It is thus very important to eat the right food, avoid sugar, oil and wheat, I have heard.
Waterfasting is also good, but it is too complicated and difficult for me actually, I eat a lot of vegetables and fruit instead, I try to decrease milk products so I can eat more ice cream instead Big Grin .

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