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Facebook, Twitter
Post iblindness on your Facebook, Twitter... page!
2 are sneaking onto the main site on different pages: keeps changing:
Idea: just post a notice on the main page website and Forum so peple know to avoid lasik and state how you try your best to block but cannot block all their ads.

I like the other ads, they actually add movement to the page and this keeps my eyes mving, no staring. Some are entertaining, like a news reel.
Dont click any videos, games ... on Facebook, Twitter. I got a virus 'The Koobface Worm' by clicking a video and I.Q. test that was posted on my Facebook page as 'from a friend'. The virus does this. Other viruses are on Facebook. Twitter. Steals website, bank... passwords. Makes all words on websites turn into links that send the computer to another virus page... Sends a phoney adobe flash player or other update window to your compuiter and if you click it, the virus gets into your computer.
Had to use Macaffee free virus removal tool provided by Facebook to remove it and change all passwords.
I really like Facebook but now will not click any links on the facebook page. CLicking a 'like Facebook link' on trusted websites like this one is ok, no virus. Its only if you are on Facebook and click links there.


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