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Recognizing Myopes
Thanks for understanding -- a button got pushed in me because I so dislike labels. People say "Oh, that's a myope" then think they know everything about the person! I reframed this for myself a few years back, separating the myopic behavior from myself. I might exhibit nearsighted behavior if I don't know any better or if I forget, but that is not all of who I am. I can choose to behave differently at any time, so the label that I am nearsighted won't fit then. It's like disciplining a mis-behaving child: the child himself is not bad, the behavior is.
I don't think that stating that the look of a myope is different than a person that has normal vision is labeling.
Medical books state that the myope has a different look.
My eyes,as well as all myopes that I know have a distinctly different look bare eyed,than when I am peering from behind my plastic mask.
The higher the lense power, the more the difference in appearance between corrected,and uncorrected.It seems that when one reaches minus four and beyond that the eye gives up squinting,and takes on a vacant unfocused look.A high myope that is under corrected,or needs new glasses will still squint,but take the glasses off,and the vacant look appears.
My girl friend is -14,I call her my little myope, ( she considers it a term of endearment )I find it fascinating to see her countenance quickly change when she removes her glasses.She actually is so lost without them that even to clean them she quickly puts on her back up pair.
On one occasion,a lense fell out of her frame,and she did not have her back up pair,so she wore the single lensed frame the rest of the evening. Her corrected eye looked alive,and well,while the uncorrected one looked dead.She said that after a few minutes that she really saw pretty well with only one lense.
Well, as a myope of almost 10 years, I can tell you what I look like! Tongue Even with my contacts, I have this slight frown on my forehead and never open my eyes fully, you can visibly tell there's a strain. Looking back at my old photos, I can spot the slight strains on my face, especially around my eyes.

There have also been several times where I could spot out people who were wearing contacts. A myope's face is never really relaxed, there's always some form of tension somewhere on the face and neck/shoulder area.
I agree with your description,and must add that most of us have an unfocused look in our eyes when not wearing glasses. And then many myopic eyes are predominately larger,and many show signs of elongation on the front surface.
That's true. My aunt once commented on how my eyes seem to have a 'bulge' at the front. I felt very hurt at that time haha lol! Most myopes I've seen usually have very beautiful's a pity that such beauty has to be hidden behind a pair of glasses!
Another characteristic of a myope, is because we only see clearly through the optical centers of our lenses,we tend to move our head to see objects,unlike persons with normal vision moving their eyes only.
I distinctly remember when I first got glasses,how I could not see perfectly clear with them when I moved my eyes only. This trait becomes more obvious as the prescription becomes stronger. My girl friend who is -14 does this in an exstream manner.Her lenses give her tunnel vision,and when she first takes her glasses off, her eyes bounce around for a few minutes trying to find focus,and then give up,and she has the unfocused look.
I also agree that high myopic women have beautiful eyes,due to their enlargement.I find it alluring to view their eyes from the side,and note the enlargement,and bulge,and then from the front,through their lenses,and see the minification of those same eyes.My girl friend likes this look for herself,and wears CR-39 lenses.She used to get glass lenses,but they are not very available now.

Yes, I have noticed how people with myopia have that football lengthened eye. I saw my relative's eyes change from a lifetime of football shape to nice and round after 2 months discarding glasses and practicing only shifting.
I met a man on the beach in Santa Monica one day and asked if he had unclear vision. Was not wearing glasses. He asked how I knew? I told him his eyes and eyelids were uneven.

This proves Dr. Bates statement that the outer eye muscles, when tense press on the eye altering its shape, causing unclear vision.

When I first got glasses (I was around 10 years old) my little sister thought they were awesome and she really wanted glasses for herself too. I probably should have done more to discourage her from it, but within weeks she had a pair of glasses too, and she was so proud :facepalm: Her prescription was very low, but fast forward to today and her prescription is now -4.25 left eye and -4.75 right eye. Her eyes are very bulgy, more so than mine and round. So many people have commented on how round and lovely her eyes are. Both my lil sis and I are on a journey to heal our eyes and I keep joking how she'll lose her beautiful 'goggle-eyed' look when she's cured haha. Needless to say she is much more dedicated than me and I really hope we both get cured soon because I am SO FED UP of having to depend on these 'crutches' for all my waking hours.

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