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Re-creating Your Programming

First just to say that I have been reading your blog posts since they first appeared, and reflecting on them, and they are really good. Perfectly pitched.

On this latest post I think you've covered some new ground, at least as far as I'm aware, and at the right time, too, for me. I mean, I don't think you have gone into this progamming thing in any detail before although you have someitmes referred to programming in general. It really does make sense and it's so obvious when you think about it.

I tried out your example with the blinking and then thinking of a point immediately afterwards and it worked well. The way it is explained reminds me of how (as I said here before) you put on the car's steering lock without being aware you are doing it, it's become such an automatic habit. Yet for some reason I was reluctant beforehand to try this particular exercise out, I couldn't see how it would work somehow. I am tying to make a habit of doing this, or of searching for detail in general, every time I remember to do it. That pencil analogy is very good.

This whole thing about not opearting on autopilot, I am beginning to see its importance. My experience has been that I'd find an exercise which worked well but then you'd settle into a routine and then the results would get worse. I think it is that you are giving something your full attention at the start but then, as you say, you then face the problem of where to take it from there. With the detail thing it should be easier to maintain the interest than when doing exercises for obvious reasons.

With all this in mind the chart work is getting significantly better. It still takes a while to get into it, but (I think) it's getting quicker to clear the vision. You can sit there for half an hour and 95% and more of your time is taken up with thought, working through the internal chatterbox, but it still leaves engough to score a few bullsyes on the way. Your mind puts up a fight!

Sometimes I think about the mountain that there's to climb with this reprogamming thing and it feels very daunting. There might be a reluctance to carry on. I think this is actually a good thing because it means you're shanking things up, which is what you want, but part of you doesn't like the idea. It seems to be a process of shaking things up continually as you go along.

Just one particular question arising indirectly from all this. I read with the book up close to my face, where I see it clearly. In situations like that, when you can see things easily and claerly, should you also be practising searching for detail? Looking at parts of letters etc. That would slow up the process. I mean, presumably your eyes are already doing this in these situations, otherwise you wouldn't see the letters clearly, right?


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