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Eyecharts-letter type
Anyone know the name of the font used to make the old 'Big C and Snellen Eyecharts?' I am creating large and small charts in word and can't find the correct font, print.
Hi Clark,
I cannot say what the old eyecharts used but recently when reproducing our eyecharts for self-assessment our printer decided that Franklin Gothic Heavy was the closest we would come at the time to our old font. Hope this helps.
Thanks Carina. This was a old post and my main charts are done. I will try this on some new charts for the office. I Appreciate your posts on iblindness. Most other teachers don't give free information. Only you, a few teachers and this website provide free vision improvement help.
I like the many free Audio and video lessons, articles teaching Natural Vision Improvement, Nutrition for the eyes, Palming... on your website and Youtube!

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