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a little success
hi everybody,
i am writing in this forum for the first time. I am glad to share with you my little success.My diopters decreased from -4.0 left eye and -3.75 right eye to -3.25 left and -2.75 right after 6 months work.Also I have clear flashes,which last sometimes 10 minutes or more .The book that helped me is "The Paul's pathway to normal vision". It's a small book, with very easy exercises, which can be done everywhere. Of course I have to work more, but I saw that improving vision is not impossible,as most people say.
I wish success to all of you.
Woah, no replies.. Big Grin It's always nice to hear people suceeding. Keep up the good work!
wow that's some great improvement !

thanks for the tip on the book, i'm gonna take a look

This is amazing! awaiting your next update!
Bravo Kalina for your improvement.
I did a little search on net and found this
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This is the small book you were talking about, right ?
Good luck to all of us in recovering our vision.
Yes, Vic,this is the book.
I've read several books on this topic and visited some seminars.Also I write in the forum from time to time and people answer my questions.I read this little book two or three times and tried to apply the methods described there in my everyday life- at home, work, while jogging, walking, talking to someone, in the fitness, when I entertain and so on.The key word here is relaxation - I try doing everything in a relaxed way.I palm or just close my eyes always when I can, it does not matter how long it lasts.
Recently I feel my eyes in a different way. My blinking became softer and faster,eye movements became faster, I see more and more fine details and shift between them more quickly.I intend to go to my eye doctor, but I still don't have time. I have no idea whether this change will reflect my refraction, will the diopters decrease or not.
I will write soon, I promise.
thanks for the story. I am going to read that book (;
Hi Kevin,

The book is very good, but I don't say that this is the best. It was the first book which helped me to achieve a result, my little success.
Let me tell you a little more of my story...
My nearsightedness started when I was about ten years old. I was sitting at home, watching TV and I remember how the subtitles of the film became blurry. I totally refused to wear glasses.At about 19-20 I put my first contact lenses. The diopters were about 1.5-2.0. After that these awful diopters steadily increased and reached about 3.75-4.0.Different doctors gave me different prescriptions, some of them said that I have astigmatism, others- that I don't have.This proceeded for years.
But, about 2.5 years ago, I began to search information about natural vision improvement. I read several books, visited many websites, watched some videos, went to 2-3 courses, observed people with normal and with abnormal vision.Sometimes I write in this forum, ask my questions and people always help me.
The most important thing in my opinion is to adapt this big quantity of information to your own personality, experience, everyday life, what you like or not. The "exercises" should be pleasant for you and gradually to became routine.
I wish you success.
It's been 2 years now that i have to cope with a blurry world. I notice my eyes started to deteriorate in the 7th grade which was like 3 years ago (now in the 10th Smile ). The only cause for this deterioration is simply nothing but stress. Don't know why but i had a tremendous stress in middle school (not with academics). Every morning my eyes would burn and tense up. My eyes were definitely strained a lot in class but i learned how to deal with it 2 years later but sadly i was prescribed with glasses and didn't wore them to school because i found out that glasses were bad for the eyes lol. I had those glasses for 2 years now and i haven't wore them once, but my eyes have definitely got worser then before. It's deteriorating slowly and slowly D:. Hopefully i can relearn how to see naturally like before!!!!!
Smile thanks for the reply, kitten.
The book is really good in my opinion.
Keep up the good work with your own eyes.

All the best,
Thanks for sharing this little book Vic! It gave me new hope, also I identified my strain type to be I think "hard blinking". After making relaxation with this book I'm having 20/20 clear flashes almost always after opening eyes, but they fade after blink.
It was almost the same with me about a month ago. Now I feel my eyes in a different way - they are more relaxed, blinks are softer and the same time - faster.From time to time I feel the tension overwhelming the eyes - it's something like a twitching - then I close my eyes for a second or two and this tension fades away.My clear flashes - I don't know whether they are 20/20 or not, but when I look at an object, it gradually clears.I have also clear flashes when looking at something interesting or when I am in a good mood (or a good physical condition).I noticed that my pose in front of the computer screen or when reading /writing at the desk is different.About relaxation- I now need less time to relax than before.
So, I think we just need more practice and things happen.
Great book, it touches on what is the most important in restoring the eye vision, the relaxation.


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