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Beginner Tips
Hi everyone,

I've been trying the bates method for years now with little to no success, but I think that I've found the right parade a few day ago, I've been getting lots and lots of clear flashes (they were ephemeral but note worthy), so how did I proceed? it's simple:

I've embraced my myopia, I've embraced my blurry world! I think that a poor vision is an indication that the body is put under lots of stress but it only shows up on visual acuity, because *drum roll* it's the most obvious sense!

From a common sense approach, I would assert that if you have poor vision, it may be indication that not only your eyes need to be relaxed but a set of muscles and parts of your body too!

I think that the key to improvement is acceptance rather than struggling and battling against your own eyes, thus, increasing strain.

We should create an intimate relationship with our eyes, consider them as part of us, rather than "tools" to interact with the outside world, take care of your eyes, as you would with your hands (you don't walk around with your fists clenched or your teeth gritting all the time, right?) be aware now that same thing can be done to your eyes, as they are constantly strained, it would make sense that they won't function properly this way.

Keep your eyes wide open, keep on shifting from point to point, as if you were painting an invisible canvas, but don't consider it as a mechanical procedure, no! keep it natural; see, stare, gaze, look in the distance while keeping your eyes relaxed! if by chance you need to see a detail, blink and squeeze your eyes shut, and then when you'll open them up, you'll have clear vision for some time, BUT don't ever squint again Smile

Most people, try to relax their eyes for like 5 minutes with palming or whatever technique it is and then spend the other 14 hours or so, doing wrong things to strain them, learn to see in every moment, every second. pay attention also to always keep your neck and shoulders relaxed, lots of tension builds up in there! (a routine of yoga stretches would do the trick) it's a whole process, in order to see better, you'll have to relax your eyes, and to achieve this goal, you'll have to relax your whole body.

I used to be afraid to walk around without my glasses, now I've been doing just fine without them for 4 days.

Last tip; move away your computer to a distance where the letters just start to become blurry, your eyes will adapt little by little and it will become clear, remember don't move the book or computer too far away, your eyes will give up, but just keep it in a fair distance where blurriness starts.
Self-help nutrition and addiction gurus tell us we should eat what we want and as much as we want until we have enough.

So we might wanna apply to the eyes and make sure we look at whatever we want.

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