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blinking,clear flashes and eye tension
hi again,Arocarty,
You are absolutely right about closing the eyes for a few seconds and reopening them.It seems to be a powerful instrument for restoring eyesight.The difficulty comes when it should become an automatic process.I do that and try to blink correctly only when I think about my own eyes.When I work, think about something or talk to someone I often forget about the good vision habbits and respectively, the improvements disappear.
By the way, in one book, it's written about that.The book is "The Paul's pathway to normal vision" by Paul Anderson.It's based on the Bates' method.Vision recovery there is presented as a 3-stage process.The second stage is closing the eyes and opening them as lightly and effortlessly as we can.It is said in the book that this removes eye tension.I found this procedure extremely useful - it helped me reduce my diopters from - 4.0 left/-3.75 right to - 3.25 left/-2.75 right for six months. The third stage is looking without strain, with light blinks.But when I tried to blink lightly, the symptoms of the dry eye appeared.So,I think closing of the eyes is essential and should be done as often as we can, at least in beginning.
I'll let you know if this works-if there is another decrease in the diopters, I hope in a few months.
All the best,

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