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blinking,clear flashes and eye tension
I was following some exercises that are about creating clear flashes for some 10 minutes a day (30 seconds period and 30 seconds rest etc) and I also noticed that my eyes started to feel tired and dry. As I can understand from this great topic I adopt some bad vision habit... I found that it is easier to keep this clear flash period if I stare, without blinking at all for about 30 seconds (or maybe I blink 2 times during this time Tongue) and 9 rounds. Now my eyes feels realy dry and today after reading this topic I was experiencing with blinking to prevent that unconfortable feeling. I found that if I force blinking to blink every 2 secconds my eyes starts to feel tired after 10 secconds !!! Sad. It is a lot better if I blink very fast and without trying to blink/tension at all like butterfly does but right now I found even beter way to do this. I lightly close my eyes and during this time inhale deeply trough my nose... here I pause for a seccond (eyes remains closed) and as I start exhaling through mouth I open my eyes (VERY lightly). During this time I REST my vison on objects without trying to see. This kind of blinking/seeing helped my very fast, after 10 minutes my eyes feelt very relaxed. I will swith to quickly"butterfly" blinks when I get rid my dry eyes but right now I will be doing long and easy blinking Smile

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Re: blinking,clear flashes and eye tension - by pawel86ck - 08-26-2011, 08:07 AM