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blinking,clear flashes and eye tension
Hi Pawel86ck,

I have similar experience as you.I also read the book "The Paul's pathway to normal vision" by Paul Anderson.It helped me reduce my diopters from 4 to 3 for 6 months.The exercise "easy eye opening" was extremely helpful.After closing my eyes, relaxing and reopening them I see almost clearly for a while, the same happens after palming.Recently I rarely feel this unpleasant symptoms that I complained about. I consciously blink often, lightly and breathe deeply and abdominally.This seems to help, I have often longer moments of improved vsion (not exactly clear flashes, because they are not absolutely clear) and clear flashes, too. I try to close my eyes and open them more rarely, because people with normal vision don't do that, they don't need it.

I have done Norbekov's programm, but without result.

It will be interesting for me to hear from you-how you managed your vision problems?



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Re: blinking,clear flashes and eye tension - by kalina - 08-30-2011, 10:19 AM