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blinking,clear flashes and eye tension
I was very accurate with my conclusions about blinking Smile I have contacted eye doctor and he said that I have almost dry eye symptom. I was asked to blink 2 times very fast and with my eyes opened he counts seconds until eyes wanted to blink. Perfecty healthy eye needs to blink after around 10-12 seconds because tear film stays much longer uncut. My eyes blinked after 6 seconds and everything below 5 means dry eye and it is serious condition he said. SO I was preety close, I think that my way of blinking helped me a litle last few days, before them my eyes wanted to blink after every 2-3 seconds Smile He instruct me to buy eyedrops with artificial tears that helps to sustain tear film for much longer and allow damaged cornea to repair because if your allow cornea to be exposed without tear film, this area begins to wear/devastate. Thats why Kalina experience tears, it is a last safety mechanism of our eyes, eyes desperately needs to water exposed cornea !! And if you keep this condition for longer (by blinking unfully, dont contact eye doctor etc) you could damage your cornea very seriously !!!

Lets end this topic, and I say this especialy for Kalina, think about stoping hurting your eyes with this quickly and unfinished blinks and buy yourself artificial tears or contact your eye doctor. Healty eye needs to blinks fully (uper and below eyelids must slip because this help tremendously to glue/paste tear film). Just dont use force of your face muscles to blink because this is real hard blinking Smile Paul Anderson in his quide was seriously wrong, he wrote that if your eyes feel tired and starts to water after his recomended way of blinking that must be a good sign. His conclusion about blinking (as an indicator of straining to see) was wrong, you clear flashes ends not because you blink in a wrong way (straining to see), clear flash ends because eye muscles arnt strengh and flexible enough to give you beter eyesight for longer !! Mechanicaly efforts to keep this clear flash period for longer(by doing unfinished blinks) may result in beter eyesight (because eyes stays much longer during clear flash in streched position and this starts the mechanism of eye recorvery) but on other hand it hurts your eyes/tear film. The only way to sustain clear flashes for longer is by use of emotions and relaxation not by supresing natural way of blinking. Norbekov wrote about that and I experienced this for myslef because after every day I could see noticably beter with whetever blinks I liked just by proper use of emotions/(curing my character and energy). What I have learned from this lesson ? Eye doctors arnt wrong in all areas, people make a mistake to believe whatever eye techer will tell or they read on the internet. But It is the best when you dont necesary ignore all eye doctors advices and if you especialy fallows all signals that your body is sending to you. You need to use your own mind and opinion to conclude if something that you are willing to do has a real good reasons and fundations.
pawel86ck, I hope this solves your dry eye problem. Just be careful what product you buy to put in your eyes to moisten them, checking the ingredients. I've read in several places that some are full of petroleum-based or other unnatural ingredients, and while the wet immediately feels soothing, they do not solve the long-term problem and help your eyes to produce their own moisture. Worse yet, they may exacerbate the problem and make you need more and more of the eye drops, never getting free of them. I don't have any recommendations of specific products, unfortunately, but I do caution you to be careful of what you put into your precious eyes, making sure it will help and not hurt.
Thank you Nancy for your great advice,
I bought "systane ultra",

Quote:Active Ingredients
Polyethylene Glycol 400 0.4%
Propylene Glycol 0.3%

Aminomethylpropanol, boric acid, hydroxypropyl guar, POLYQUAD® (polyquaternium-1) 0.001% preservative, potassium chloride, purified water, sodium chloride, sorbitol. May contain hydrochloric acid and/or sodium hydroxide to adjust pH.
I dont know if they are petroleum-based or similar unnatural ingredient but your post scared me so much that I dont know if I still want to use them. I found many opinions that suports yours, for example :

Quote:It seems clear to me that in at least some of these cases, patients can do themselves harm by over-using artificial tears. Your naturally tears have substances intended to protect and nourish the eye surfaces. When your natural tear film is destabilized, overloading it constantly with watery or oily supplements can further destabilize it by basically washing the good stuff right out.

I havent experiencing watering so far as Kalina and my long blinking gives me huge relief all day long. So maybe my condition arnt as bad to use eyedrops with artifical tears. I'm using norbekov gimnastic to help oxygen circulation in my body, I'm drinking a lot of mineral water and maybe with other remedies like relaxationsm not using computer etc I could solve my problem without eyedrops.
For example I found hard blinking exercise, suposed to give tears instantly. I will be doing this exercise every 2 hours and will see what results it will bring. Also I found that it is unhealthy to water your eyes frequently ... and I was watering my eyes every 1 hour for last 3 months (cold and warm water)
... I will stop this water exercise for good Sad
Why not just fill the little bottle with regular pure water - or the water you're drinking?
JMartinC4- Because someone recommended me do that way Smile, splashing my eyes first cold water and than with warm supose to help beter blod circulation Smile
Nartin, can you elaborate more about your great post below ?
Quote:Goals: To train your eyes to remember what it is like to have a normal tearfilm; to begin to accept the resulting clear flash as normal (and thus reject the blur); and to learn how to relax and allow the rebuilt tearfilm to stay in place for longer and longer periods, eventually becoming a natural, normal habit.
How I can train my eyes to remember what is like to have a normal tear film ? For now I'm doing long blinking with breathing, I keep my eyes closed for longer, something 3 seconds. I found that this type of blinking not only gives me beter rest but result in clearer image, what a magic is this, I dont know but if I start blinking frequently (but fully) my eyes become noticably tired and image isnt as clear as during my long blink Sad
JMartinC4, tears are more than pure water. They're something like 3 layers, "water" (body water or lymph, more like ocean water than pure water), oil, then more "water". So pure water could still wash natural tears away, but might be less harmful then some store-bought product.

pawel86ck, I'm sorry as I didn't mean to scare you, just wanted you to be careful. I do know there are some natural eye drops (maybe found in a health food store or on-line) which support the natural tearfilm and don't degrade it, but again, I have no personal experience with any specific product so can't recommend one. Just do your research and use your common sense, and monitor how your eyes feel when using the drops, especially if you use them over time. Maybe contact lens sterile saline solution would be the best option, and it's pretty cheap. Good luck and let us know how you do.
Right, but pure water would have to be preferable to:
"Active Ingredients
Polyethylene Glycol 400 0.4%
Propylene Glycol 0.3%
Aminomethylpropanol, boric acid, hydroxypropyl guar, POLYQUAD® (polyquaternium-1) 0.001% preservative, potassium chloride, purified water, sodium chloride, sorbitol. May contain hydrochloric acid and/or sodium hydroxide to adjust pH."
When I first self-diagnosed my 'dry eyes', I tried three or four different kinds of eyedrops, with predictably varied results. When I stopped using anything but cold water and/or my own saliva, I finally started to get permanent relief and visual improvement after about six months.
As I've posted elsewhere, cold is a known remedy for stress and strain - and is also known to temporarily shrink most physical structures such as skin (and therefore corneas which are known to be bulged in myopic eyes). Since no saleable product can recreate anybody's tearfilm (which is somewhat different from just the tears alone) why not try to take back control of our eyes without a shelf-lifed product, by combining the known facts of cold as a remedy with water and saliva as lubricants, probably as close to the tearfilm makeup as we can get on our own?
I think there is a way to go about NVI which results in slow but incremental improvements (in Psychology it's called 'JND' - Just Noticeable Difference and is used in biofeedback training), across all the major parts of the visual system, but it hasn't been clearly (!) defined as yet. I think we're working on it. I think we're close.
Amazing, i had dry eyes and I started to splash cold water on them twice a way since this Sunday.
I already feel better and I can even say that i can see clearer. Magic cold water!!!
Whats funny I didn't notice any diferences yesterday after using my eyedrops, absolutly my eyes didnt notice change in tearms of freshness. What is more I noticed like my eyelids starts to glue, sliping wasnt so easy ans smoth as before. I woke up this morning and I notice immediately that my eyes feelt dry !! Usualy when I woke up my eyes allways feel fresh and alive but today was different, also I start noticing blur like fog and only when I start blinking I felt huge relief. People on some forums say that this eyedrops are good, that they eyes allways feel fresher after using them.... but my experience showed me that Nancy recommendation was right. I realy feel that this Eyedrops would only worsen my problem, I will not use them any more. What is more I think that my condition wasnt so bad to use eyedrops, I mean, my drynes wasnt producing any tears like people allways say they experienicing during dry eye syndrome so it tells my that eyes didnt started the mechanism of last hope Smile. As I say before, I start exaggerating period of my blinks during norbekov exercise 30 seconds without blinking for 9 rounds, and 2 times a day, in the morning and in the afternon ! This started this problem, not insufficient quantity or quality of my tears and I still feel fresh when I start to blink more Smile. I will stop any eye exercise, even this one with walking with smile on my face Smile. During this week I'm planing to stay in bed most of the day keeping my eyes under the dark and blink frequently, try to use hard blinking after every 2 hour. When I will not use my eyes so much as before, maybe this practice will alow my tear film to repair damaged cornea, if even long blinking gaved me huge relief this should also help as a home remedy Smile

Also all of you just convinced me that I shouldn't discontinue my cold water practice, I will even use some ice to rub my face around the eye bones.

Thank you all
Here's a blinker with Conan.


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