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stress affects only my right eye
My right eye seems to be much more affected by (emotional) stress than my left eye.
I had a rather stressful time for a bit more than a week now (a lot of work and on top of it my teen aged son brought 4 of his friends along to spend part of their holidays here...). Since then, my practice with the eye-chart became very difficult for my right eye, I could hardly get any letter clear, whereas my left eye continues as before - I even had some quite 'good days'.

Did anyone else make similar experiences? Does anyone have an explanation, for example each eye connected to a different brain hemisphere?

To illustrate: For practice, I increase the distance to the eye-chart every week by 5 cm (at the beginning 10cm); at the moment I am at 1,95m for the left eye and 1m for the right eye (2,40m=20/20).
Before last week, the right eye progressed very well and when the period of stress started, I not only could not proceed 5cm further, I even had to enlarge the letters of the interactive eye-chart ( <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> ) and even then I could not read more than 1 or 2 letters, sometimes could not even distinguish 1 single letter.
Nini, yes, same issue for me but with me the left eye gets stressed more easily. Here's one blog post I wrote about it: and if you search my blog you'll find more, as I've been paying attention to in myself for a while.
Yeah, with me it's also the right eye. It's annoying, but trying to counter-adjust for it only stresses the eye more, so I try to relax.
Yes, relaxation will probably be the only possible remedy. Worrying about it means only more stress.

Nancy, I read some of your posts - I like the idea of the eyes as brother and sister, the stronger one taking care of the weaker one affectionately.
According to the 'test of the spinning dancer', my dominant brain hemisphere is the right one - corresponding to the left eye (the 'big sister'), the more emotional part - although I feel, that the 'more rational' brother dominates and restricts my feelings.
To bring both to 'work together' (instead of against each other) is a good perspective.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... ning-girl/</a><!-- m -->

Although the meaningfulness of the test is denied in this article, for my eyes it seems to be true...

The youngsters are leaving today - a bit of stress removed - letters start to clear up again.
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