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Improving vision by looking at adjacent details
JMartinC4 Wrote:
clarknight Wrote:This has been answered in other posts as it is a common question/ harmless effect as the blur clears. It's the eye muscles, brain; left and right hemispheres relaxing, balancing, returning to correct function. Also can be a bit of astigmatism that the eyes had but was not noticed before when eyesight was more blurry. Just keep shifting on the details, part to part on the object. Blink, relax. I shift on the clearest, most solid images, sometimes on the other images and they then all merge together into one clear image.
hereford_picnic Wrote:
asarrascene Wrote:My blurred image is becoming multiple images...but sometimes the doubled image is clearer than the original image, I mean, the ghost is clearer than the original. Should I look for details at the doubled image that is clearer or only at the original image? tks! Adriano
I'd also like an answer for this, since I'm getting the same and I've been wondering about it a long time. At the moment it think that I just need to attain better relaxation. I guess it doesn't matter which one you're looking at as far as it doesn't hurt. If it hurts, then I palm. I'd say, when the relaxation (attained doing the adjacent thing or something else) is good enough or perfect, there won't be any double images anymore right after opening the eyes.
This multiple images problem may also be caused or worsened by misalignment of the focal points of the eyeballs and the retinas / foveas / pseudofoveas.

Nops, I have a high astigmatism and it´s getting better! Smile

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