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Features of Contact Lenses
In my case they did not work.
My right eye was not able to work with the contact lenses at all.
I think that's a bot after all...
Most of the different types of contact lenses come in various colors, which add a certain beauty to your eyes. You can make blue eyes bluer or simply change the color of your eyes.

Prosthetic Lenses
Colored contact lenses can also be used for medical purposes for people with disfigured eyes, due to disease or accidents. They can make to order an opaque colored lens to disguise the disfigurement and match the appearance of their normal eye.

Special-Effect Lenses
These are also known as theatrical, novelty, or costume lenses. They add a bit of drama to your appearance to make you look like a witch, a zombie, a cat or any such character.

Hybrid Lenses
There is a brand that features a GP center with a soft outer part, enabling the user with both the clear optics of a rigid lens and the comfort of a larger, soft lens.

UV-Inhibiting Lenses
Most contact lenses include an invisible ultraviolet blocker in the lens material, to reduce the harmful UV light. But you do need the regular sunglasses to protect the rest of the eye.


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