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learn to relax your eyes.. people say
Hi! I wanted to just ask one question that could help me tremendously. Many people who restored some of their eyesight say, learn to relax your eyes. But how do you managed to do that and keep your eyes relaxed without glasses ? During the time without my glasses (-4.25 sphere, 1.5 cyl) it is difficult to keep my eyes relaxed after few hours ( when I stay at home, its FAR beter when I walk outside but still its the feeling like my eyes quickly run out of fuel/energy ), my eyes feel tired quickly. I found that during that time blinking hard make my vision a lot beter but at the same time my eyes become even more tired Sad Could you give me your input on this topic ? My goal for now is to keep my eyes relaxed wothout glasses Smile
Stop straining.
I am new to this, but I have been with no glasses for last 3 weeks and I initially had headaches too.
Now, I simply try to make sure that my eyes never look at the same spot all the time.
So I simply try to scan everything all the time.
While on the computer screen (I am IT so I am on it whole day) when typing I look at letters and try to see all tiny pixels.
I constantly move my attention to different spot even that I am at the same spot.
For example, when I look at letter "C" , the way I see it is:


and i let my eyes to discover every tiny spot instead of staring at the "C" as a one thing.
If i cannot do that I try to look outside the monitor on something else and then go back to the monitor screen.

I feel like I am scanning machine that never stops at one point!!!
I am constantly moving my attention.

It is not easy for me to see in such a way , but I am trying to learn those new habits, so my eyes can forget what staring is.
I hope this is a good approach.
Use glasses that are about 1 to 1.5 points weeker, man geting rid of your glasses completely from the start isnt recommended. With your vision power you need to strain to see because you dont see anything at all. But relax and dont worry your astigmat is big but not as big as mine some time ago Smile, of course some people throw away their glasses from the start but their progres are much slower. Your eyes will still need to work because there is 1.5 diopte space and you dont need to strain. It is the safest option.


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