Poll: Are you myopic, and do you have dry eyes?
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I am not myopic and do have dry eyes
0 0%
I am not myopic and don't have dry eyes
1 8.33%
Yes, myopic with self-diagnosed dry eyes
5 41.67%
Yes, myopic with doctor-diagnosed dry eyes
0 0%
No, myopic without dry eyes
6 50.00%
Total 12 vote(s) 100%
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Do you have dry eyes?
I'll maybe run another poll for hyperopia etc. if many people choose the first answer, but most people here are myopic.

Or please explain about the past if your condition has changed.
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What defines "dry eyes"? I'm guessing that I don't usually have dry eyes. I DO know that my eyes get dry very quickly when I put on contact lenses though.
I chose "myopic without dry eyes", even though I cringed at still calling myself "myopic" when I've improved my vision so much. Like Pikachu, years ago when I wore hard contact lenses I think now I did have dry eyes, as they were often irritated. I say "I think" because I was really out of touch with how my eyes felt back then, and was also used to a high level of discomfort as "normal". It's so much better now!
When I started improving my vision past year, my eyes used to be quite dry and tired, now I can feel then more relaxed, lighter, not dry at all. But if I'm tired they become dry and tired, but I've heard these symptoms of people with normal vision too, of course they suffer less from these annoyances than people with imperfect sight.
I find that when my eyes are more strained and I don't see very clearly I can't really tell if my eyes are dry. As soon as they start feeling relaxed, or if I randomly get a clear flash they will feel very dry, as I feel my eyes starting to move again and come to life. Although sometimes when this happens my eyes will water up a tremendous amount, making it look like I am crying, but the whole time I will have astoundingly clear vision. I can't tell if that is helping or not, but being able to read the 10 foot line at 10 feet without glasses is a great feeling, especially after going from a -3.5 diopter.
Many times when I have clear flashes I tear up constantly, I imagine I must have very dry eyes for this to be such a recurrent issue.

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