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Double images
Double images are a very annoying phenomenon - especially when they increase along with eyesight improvement, so that the obtained clearer view becomes troubled again.

How do you deal with the problem?

I don't mean exercises, but seeing in everyday life; what do you do to let them cause as little disturbance as possible?

The only way I found yet ist to try to concentrate on the 'positive', that is on the clear image , not to pay too much attention to the negative, blurry part.
In order to keep up a positive attitude, I 'interpret' the clear part as a sort of 'promise of perfect eyesight' which is already there as a goal on my way towards it.

If anyone else has found a good way to let the double images create the least annoyance, possible I would be grateful for all suggestions.
Thanks in advance
Nini, You probably have double images because your two eyes are not aligned nor synchronized within tolerance levels, so your brain can't put them together into one stereoscopic image.
Also, if one eye is blurrier than the other, it's harder for the brain to combine them even if they are aligned and synchronized within tolerance levels.
How to work on realignment and synchronization:
1) Select an area/object for observation.
2) Close one eye and look at it.
3) Close the other eye and look at it again.
4) Repeat a number of times, comparing the two images for alignment and clarity. Rotate your head gyroscopically for improvement(s).
5) Close one eye and turn your head until you can't see the object/area. Then open the eye and look again.
6) Repeat with the other eye.
7) With both eyes open, look at the object/area and turn/swing your head back and forth between the points where one eye is cut off from viewing it. Keep on a level swing plane.
Thanks for the answer, Martin, but both images come from my better eye - the weaker eye is so much worse (3,5 diopters), that its image is 'turned off' by the brain, I only see it, when I cover my better eye (and for a short time after uncovering it again).
Is it a prismatic effect from a disturbed tearfilm? Or did you have some sort of deformity or surgery on that eye? Do lenses improve or eliminate the doubles? It sounds very abnormal to me. Sorry if I'm not helpful; I wish someone else would chime in.
Nini, when double images pop up for me, I choose to see them as my visual system re-calibrating further, learning to help me see even more clearly but not there quite yet. Yes, I can also get them with a single eye, or get many multiple images with both eyes together, which just happened yesterday when I was looking at the sun, like a basket of round brightly glowing fruit, maybe 6 images of that shining disk rolling around each other. I think my eyes and vision are becoming more normal, not abnormal at all. To me this is brain stuff, interpretation of the raw visual input, not mechanical camera-like mal-adjustment. But whatever the cause, see it as your eyes and brain learning to see better, and observe yourself and your reactions in the process.
Nancy Wrote:To me this is brain stuff, interpretation of the raw visual input, not mechanical camera-like mal-adjustment.

I think, you are right, Nancy. Maybe strain is also involved; the double images disappear almost completely, when my eyes are totally relaxed.
Nini wrote:
Quote:...the double images disappear almost completely, when my eyes are totally relaxed.
Nini, I agree -- this happens for me, too. The relaxation and the merging of the double images seems to happen at the same time, a visual/brain aspect and a body/feeling aspect of the same phenomenon. I just don't always know what I'm doing right to make this happen! A good reason to keep practicing, I guess.
IT IS ASTIMGATISM !!!!!!!! YOU COULD EVEN SEE 4 images Smile Most people experience this condition temporary and dont even pay attention to it but in your case astigmatism could be stronger. It happens when muscles become tired or if they work much harder than usual.!download|508cg|...4fa3175%29

Print this table. Paste explanation into google translator if you dont know German language or wath this video
(44m 0sec)

My advice:
Dont walk without glasses, use transition glasses (-1.5 weaker). There is no point in straining your eyes, with 1.5 lower prescription your eyes still can improve and you will be not straining to see.
here you can buy very cheap prescription glasses, 7 dolars for one pair is like nothing. I wait one week for delivery Smile
Thanks for what I assume is an effort to help (and not just sell me glasses). For me I prefer to do without glasses and let my eyes learn to see normally. I know my healthy eyeball is always changing shape, and any astigmatism "correction" just locks in that undesired pattern. Others are certainly free to make a different choice but I do not want to wear glasses, especially not with a cylinder correction in them.
Cylinders are not a wise decision because astigmatism is allways changing and cylinders will force astigmatism to recreate. I told you about sphere, not cylinders. If you have lets say some like -4, 2 cyl, you can try -2.5 or -3 without cylinders. They will help you focus without soo mych strain and also provide space to improve, when you start seeing very good in them cut another dioptre down Smile. Vision restore is about relaxing, learning to keep your eyes relaxed most of the time. If you have only sphere problem it is easier but when you cant focus properly close and far (astigmatism) and have also higher dioptre (more than -2) it is difficult to keep your eyes relaxed all the time while living your life normaly. Look at the people who lived some months on bed, do you think that after that after that period of time they can runing from the start, next day when they just get up ? NO! They use some handicap for period of time to build up the muscles. Geting rid of glasses from higher dioptre is the same thing. You can easly walk without glasses in a sunny day, but when you are at home (and especialy use artificial light) you allways need to focus with strain if you eyesight is poor, even for a second and it is good to have even some small help for that. Just ask yourself, do you have fresh eyes all the time during the day without glasses or do you feel that your eyes are worked out ? If you have fresh feeling propably you can succed without glasses but if your answer was worked out feeling ..... propably it will be wiser to rethink your opinion about transition glasses.
I worked with norbekov instructor and with people who succed restoring their vision lightning fast. I learned what the key points are, transition glasses not only didnt stoped me and other people from improving, what is more they help me and others. But do what you like... All what I can say is Good luck.
Quote:Cylinders are not a wise decision because astigmatism is allways changing and cylinders will force astigmatism to recreate.
So isn't it similarly possible that negative diopter lenses can reinforce myopia?

When I put on minus glasses I can feel my face and cheekbones and forehead crunch up, so I am more relaxed without them, even if things aren't crystal clear. I prefer the feedback from my environment that I'm not using my visual system correctly (the blur), rather than masking it with glasses. The only exception is driving when I can't see a sign and don't have time to let my eyes adjust (I don't do well under pressure!), so I put my glasses on then for a moment and take them off as soon as I don't need them. Again, I am not telling anyone else to do this if they aren't comfortable with it.
Nancy, I feel the same.
I put on glasses only when absolutely necessary and when I take them off, there is a feeling of relief in my eyes immediately - so I must have strained them with glasses before.

Without glasses I find it easier to keep my eyes relaxed and I can even better focus and concentrate on details, even though I see them less clearly.
Cyliners recreate your astigmatism becase this condition is changing from minute to minute, even angle/axis. Sphere if it is much lower isnt the problem because your avarage vision dont improve so dramaticly and it will not stagnate your progress. Also I didt tell to wear transition glasses whole the time, during the day, or while you walk you can easy forget about them, but during artificial light... real peoblem arise becase this kind of light will tire your eyes even if you really dont strain to see anything.
Lower prescription glasses arnt the problem, believe me. Real problem is if you do correct things. Andrei Petunin didnt wear glasses but he done the rest correctly, that allow him to restore his almost -5 vision i around 4 months. He even gave his free guide and told there simple way to start these fluctuations because what you should look for is a method that will allow you to see clear flashes very frequently, lets say one full clear flash during sunny day, once full clear flash peer 5 min and every 10-20 secconds half-clear flash (still much beter than your avarage vision). When you have such a big fluctuations you are on a good route, everyday day, after bombardment of clear flashes you will see noticably better when you look at your snellen table.
First thing to see such a big fluctiation is to start relaxing your eyes much beter than palming does, Andrei told about that. But also very important factor is if your body have proper nutrition, healthy organs (liver, kidney) good spine condition allowing much beter blood and oxygen circulation ... and the last one, and the most important one is PROPER PROGRAMING OF YOUR MIND and your emotion that you choose to experience daily.
Your body and universe is reflecting whatever mind patern you have. So for example if you have problems with cancer, liver, eyes, real problems is your mind/source not your organ/external. What most people do with eye exercises they only deal with exercises/palming and dont cover the rest that is much more important. People ask, why this dont work, I'm doing this for months and no resutls while some other people done the same thing and they have results... thats because they have much beter condition that you dont even think is important (liver, nutrition, blood circulation, mind programing, peace in your soul etc)
Your mind is very powerfull, most of you dont even know what bad emotion can do, basically effect of that could be seen even on DNA level and it is main reason of tension that goes everywhere, eyes, legs etc. (search for gregg braden and divine matrix presentation to learn more about that). You can do palming whole day but if you dont change your character new tension will floow like a stream of water in a sinking ship.
Just your mind can restore your vision and other organs as some poeple found, norbekov for example. People think that the ones that heal themself use some kind placebo effect but there is a way to do it consciously. If you dont cover this things, your progress can be so slow that you will need years to restore your vision. It took me one year to cover all of the things and believe me is worth it Smile, even in norbekov book they dont told everything, this book lack many important exercises that are told during the normal course (liver, kidney mediatations, forgivenes etc). I think Norbekov do it purposely because he still need poeple to attend his courses, also clear flash exercise is much exerdone in his book, you need just 3 round od 30 sec clear flash and with 2 min rest period in betwen, once daily.
He advise 18 rounds daily and I found that it is wayyyyy to much. Tiresome efforts will stop fluctuations, at least in my case. So to summarize this, if you have fresh eyes during the day you propably dont need glasses with much lower prescription but still people who use them also improve Smile, just do the rest correctly.
Thanks a lot for your detailed explanation, Pawel.
Yes, most probably the multiple images depend a lot on the state of mind.
Astigmatic condition means, that the eye-muscles are not acting uniformly on the eyeball, therefore its shape won't be perfectly round, but a bit 'deformed'.

The idea to connect this 'deformation' with a state of mind came to me when I found out, that the 'exercise' described here: <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="">viewtopic.php?f=1&t=2218</a><!-- l --> lets my double images disappear and brings me clear sight.
I became aware, that when I am 'relaxing', I put much more emphasis on the aspect of 'withdrawel', the retreating and shutting off stress and negative thoughts, emptying the mind. But on the other hand, I am neglecting the positive aspect, to 'cultivate' the peace of mind, the positive attitude, harmony, self confidence and optimism.

This second, positive aspect I would associate with the eye muscles, which are activated while struggling against the closing eyes and so maybe undoing the deformation caused by their counterparts associated with too much 'shutting off the world' by 'closing the eyes'.

Once aware of these eye muscles (connected with the positive attitude), I can - to a certain extent - use them deliberately to get a clearer view and make the double images disappear.
But most probably I would get better results 'working' directly on the level of the mind, where is the source of the 'unbalanced' relaxation.
Nini- I dont know if this double image/astigmatism is bad or good, I dont know everything Sad. I know for sure that vision recorvery reshape your eyeball, I think it is absolutely possible that cornea is also changing during this procces. But the main question is, it was only temporary astigmatism (good sing) or permanent state (bad sign, I think) ? If you see beter and beter every day, just keep it up Smile but If it was me I would do exercises for astigmatism (I posted them 2 post above) and ask myself "do I really keep my eyes relaxed" ? because there is no way you could do something wrong to your eyesight if your eyes are relaxed. Just ask yourself, "my eyes are relaxed or worked out (dry/soreness etc) most of the day ??. If you asked worked out, my advise is, stop what you are doing, focus on relaxation exercises (if you want to learn about them read this free material )

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