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Prism in lenses
Hi, new member to the forums. Pleased to meet everyone!. I was wondering if anyone has a opinion of adding prisms to lenses. Is it beneficial or more harmful? My old optometrist prescribed lenses that were weaker but with prisms in for computer work. I know I have convergence insufficient. My eyesight did get better(0.25 in the right and 0.5 in the left) but now after two years when I wear glasses that do not have prisms in them, it's like I see ghost borders around things. What is your opinion? :'(
I've had prisms in my lenses for about 10 years. I felt the inward eye turn in my left eye decrease a few years ago. The new set of glasses that I have coming this week will not have the prisms in them. I'm hopeful, as well as nervous about being able to see / function with the new glasses.

I'd be interested to hear anyone's input to your question as well. I think one of David's post mentioned palming being the primary way that he corrected his eye turn / strabismus.
thanks for sharing. note to self don't get prism glasses

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