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Davids method plz help!!
Sometimes there is not so much difference between the results to which the various approaches lead.

One example:
I tried one relaxation exercise I found in the internet and 'developed' it a bit further, which helped me to become aware of certain eye muscles (<!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="">viewtopic.php?f=1&t=2218</a><!-- l -->). This helps me to get clearer sight, for example when I watch TV, without straining my eyes.

I was surprised when - practicing with the eye chart, looking at the smallest parts of the letters - I felt just these same eye muscles contracting in my eyes.

So I don't think it it a mistake to try different approaches and the to stick to what you find the most helpful - as long as you don't neglect the basic steps and don't get messed up in your practice routine.
JMartinC4 Wrote:
seetheleaves Wrote:
Pikachu Wrote:@JMartinC4: Be nice... Smile Seetheleaves makes a very good point. Any exercise that claims to strengthen the eye muscles cannot be considered part of the Bates method, whether they really work or not. The reason it's called the BATES method in the first place is because of the findings of one Dr. Bates.
Thanks Pikachu Smile - this is exactly what I meant. This is a post that was started by a beginner asking about 1) Bates Method and 2) David's method - neither of those methods refer to 'exercises for strengthening eye muscles' and I didn't want KingofAFG to be misguided about what the original Bates Method is/was. There is a lot of independent information on this Forum for all to read and consider and use it as they feel best, but alot of it falls under "NVI" not "Bates Method".
PEDANTIC! Exposed as someone who cares more about his/her own 'command' of some facet of the subject(s) (or the perception thereof) than of the subject matter itself! An abuse of presumed/perceived authority. And there we are: Stuck in a rut. Sad
My eyesight continues to improve. My control over it continues to improve. My Dad taught me how to get out of a rut. You have to rock the car back and forth, you have to turn the wheels back and forth. You have to experiment and not accept the situation as "that's the way the way it is." You don't give up. You 'worry' the dead branch until it comes off the tree.

@JMartinC4 - Why you attack people on this forum is beyond my understanding. I don't care about 'my command' whatever that means - I participate in this forum to hopefully help people and to gain help from others. You make the assumption that I am in a rut and that i have given up. Let me assure you that you have absolutely no idea what my progress has been and I therefore politely ask you to stop making public assumptions about it. Agressive and accusatory posts like yours make me want to stop participating in discussions on this Forum which is a shame because there are a lot of genuinely helpful and encouraging people here.
JMartinC4, no personal attacks like that allowed here. I've asked you to stop it at least once before.

Edit: I banned him. You may continue discussion. Smile
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"Half of our funny, heathen lives, we are bent double to gather things we have tossed away." - George Meredith
JMartinC4 Wrote:Thanks for setting me straight, pikachu. Here is something I know: If I hadn't stumbled upon my need to equalize the eye dominance between my very submissive left eye and my overdominant right eye, and then figured out 'exercises' to strengthen that weak left eye so it participates as a near equal partner often taking the lead in eyesight (I may yet turn out to be left eye dominant the way this is going), I would never have made the very big improvements in my distance eyesight and control over it that I have achieved in the past few months. I don't recall Dr. Bates discussing much about 'eye dominance' - do you? But I think it could all be connected. Just as the sciences are all very much interconnected. Someone who wants to stay stuck in the rut of the original Bates Methods is probably never going to lead anybody out of their myopia. Bates Methods as science, yes; Bates Methods as gospel, no. Smile

what exercises did you do to improve your vision or to make both your eyes to work together

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