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1)What is the davids method can you please explain to me.

2)What is a test card?

3)What do i have to do with the eye chart?

4)What is the best eye vision improvement method?

5) Which eye exercise really works and how do i do it

plz answer like 1) .... thxs Big Grin plzzzzzzzzzz reply
If you researched a bit, you would find pretty much all of the answers to your questions.
1) go to David's blog (just type in Google 'iblindness blog' and it should pop up). His approach to the Bates' method is called the David's method. But first you must know something about the Bates' method.

2) a test card is a regular Snellen chart that optometrists use to check your eyes

3) now that a good question, dr. bates mentioned in his good eyesight magazine many ways to practise with it. you just have to look for these articles.

4) if only I knew, I would be the happiest person in the world Smile and even if know what works for me, I have no idea what works for you, you must figure it out yourself. Here is a quote by JMartinC4, which I totally love:

Quote:Another analogy (one that we've used elsewhere in this community forum) might be that you momentarily managed to get all the parts of your invisible visual system bicycle aligned and working, oriented with the outside clear vision pathway, resulting in a flash of clear normal eyesight. Congratulations!
Unfortunately some of your invisible visual system bicycle's parts are in need of repair or adjustment, and so the system immediately reverted to 'safe' mode. Oh, well, it's a start. It's not like you can throw it away and buy a new one. It's now up to you to figure out which parts need repair or adjustment - obviously it's possible, otherwise you wouldn't have experienced that flash.
Maybe you just need to figure out how to relax the sticky brakes, or maybe the chain needs oil, or maybe the fenders are out of alignment, or maybe you're just not pointing the handlebars correctly. Or maybe you need to raise the seat now to match your physical development. Or maybe a combination of those and other problems. (Maybe yawning momentarily straightened and relaxed something(s)!) What a hassle.

5) Do you know at all what bates method is about? I strongly recommend you read the two articles posted by David, which summarise more or less what the whole vision improvement thing is about. Here they are:
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Read them carefully


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