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can you post links?
Is anyone able to post links in their posts? I thought I had the ability disabled just for new users with less than 5 posts, but it sounds like it may be affecting everyone.
Site Administrator

"Half of our funny, heathen lives, we are bent double to gather things we have tossed away." - George Meredith
Yesterday I posted a link to another post in the forum; it seems to work (here: - now it is not possible.

And the smilies are not represented as pictures as I saw in another post (>Big Grin ).
Yeah, I wrote a long, good post on stress, the mind effects on vision reply to Nancy... and left a link to the midwest center for stress and anxiety; very good course, cost $300.00 but the lady, Lucinda Bassett gave it to me for free. I think she does this sometimes but not advertise it. The post was deleted automaticly saying it contains a spam link.

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