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Astounding Results using Imagination
Wow!. You have done a great work so far, so congratulations! ;D

While reading your post, I told myself "the story of this guy sounds quite familiar to me...". Yes, imagination is the best tool in "improving" vision, right, you are having success becouse you are not trying to see, and the harder we try the more we fail. But people can't understand the concept. :'(

I encourage everyone to try the follow. Sit down quietly, take some breaths, focus on it for a few seconds or a minute if you can (Don't think in anything else), just feel your breath.

Now, make your vision worse consciously: Tell yourself "I will make my vision worse by staring at two point at the same time, and I will try to see everything equally well, holding my breath, etc.) or something like that, then do that, locking your eyes - attention. Perhaps your vision can clear up slighty by doing this, but it's more likely to get worse. You are just doing this to become aware how you strain and learn to avoid it. Makes sense to continue doing something that don't works?.

Then face a white wall, and close your eyes, then open them (quickly), close (quickly, don't blink hard!), do it softly. Repeat the procedure a couple of times. Next, imagine a small black dot or draw it, then look at it and remember-imagine the dot while looking at the distance (or just around, where your attention wants to go), without trying to see, just look at the small black dot in your mind, repeat the process, close your eyes if you feel you need. By doing that you are remembering the experience of the clear image while looking at the distance or whatever you want.

You don't need an eye chart for this, you don't need to look at anything else in order to work with details and shift from point to point. With your imagination you can move mountains!

Keep the good work up man, and check out your PM!


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