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Computer Eyestrain
Tension in the neck, shoulders from computer typing, incorrect posture, immobility can contribute to tension in the eye muscles, stiff and unbalanced eye movement.
Also looking at one distance at the screen for a long time tends to freeze, tense the eye muscles, eyes movement. Many people state they get less clear vision in one eye, slow divergence, spacy vision with blind spots due to tight, slow, unbalanced eye movement from many hours at the computer.
People say that the artificial 3-D on the computer screen; mainly video games, watching YouTube up close can confuse, tense the brains function with the eyes for converging, diverging, accommodation, un-accommodation by making the brain, eyes perceive the images on the screen as being at different distances when they are truly at one distance.
Also; on the old monitors and a bit on the new flat screens; the glass.., cover on the screen is at a different distance that the text, objects on the screen; they are behind the screen. This might tend to confuse the brain, eyes, impair exact, perfect accommodation, convergence when looking at the computer screen.
I have been placing a magic marker line on the glass screen in a few places so the eyes can shift (switch) back and forth on the text, objects and the glass screen so the brain, eyes can easily see the true distance things are at. I can feel the accommodation, convergence occur. Also have a reflection of a far distant light on the screen to switch to.
This helps to prevent that 'tight' computer eyes at the end of the day. Also look to a real distant object often on my porch in the sunlight.
Using the eyes correct with relaxation, central-fixation, movement without trying hard helps prevent this tension. Takes breaks often! Look at real life objects. Get some movement.
Would like to start a discussion on Computer neck strain and its symptoms. Tension headache. I get disrupted sleep, weird feelings in the neck, shoulder, arm muscles after lot typing. I do still have to look down to type. Please post; exercises and pictures or links to Videos for best way to move, relax the neck. Organic skin creams for muscle relaxation, Yoga... Anything you have tired and works, is safe.

The infinity swing and other movement exercises helps, but 'no computer 1 week' seems to be the only cure sometimes.
Clarknight I'm not sure but I think that method of typing isn't important that much. I personally don't have to look at keyboard to type and I have also have that kinds of symptoms so it must be other reason for them.

I used to be computer addict (well in some way i'm still now). After getting my first computer at age 12 or 13 I started to spend more and more time with it. It wasn't problem at first years because I was still a kid, going out to play with other kids, etc. But after graduating to junior high I stopped going out (shock and stress caused by new school environment propably, I don't know how's in other countries but in Poland junior high's don't have good reputation). Highest peak of spending time with computer was I think at 15-16 age. I could sit all day long with just breaks for wc and food. Stress and too much spent on computer and video games must be reason of my myopia, that's sure! Well I have never got headaches but I think that I might have computer neck strain.
Thanks Skywalker. I know your right. I just don't want to quit computer because I am almost done with a major project and hate to quit. So impatient! Should just quit for 30 days. That's what my doc says but I never have gone longer than 3 days in 7 years! Lot graphic artist dragging mouse to draw pictures, then typing. Also; neck injury is 90% and sometimes 100% healed but I think computer strain brings it back. Another man on the internet forum says he developed dizziness at the gym after lifting, exercising with tight neck, shoulder muscles from drawing with mouse, typing all day. My nephew developed unclear vision after years of video games as a kid and into his teens. Was being charged lot money for contacts. Hes learning Bates Method and using only eyeglasses now, reduced as he improves.
You know I don't remember a day where I wasn't turning on my computer, so maybe crucial to improving vision is to limit spending time on it. I won't say I will not be using it for a week for example but with little steps I can reduce it. Another obstacle, hard to beat addiction... Good luck for nephew! Does he got any results?
I do almost all my computer work with a small notebook - this way I can take a very relaxed postion for reading and typing; but maybe for graphics this would be a bit more difficult.
I'm on either a computer or handheld half of my waking time usually, and I think an idea to try is stretching and 5 minutes of palming or other similar exercise on the hour, or more frequently for shorter periods of time. Works reasonably for me anyway.
Nephew reduced glasses 1 time as I know of. Lives far away so not in touch much. Teens; more interested in other stuff.
I'm gonna try that notebook idea. Thougth about it in past. That's a good idea! Can use it on bus...
Take frequent breaks to get up and stretch, or just look across the room or out the window. Drink a lot of water so you'll have to get up to go to the bathroom! It's not the computer itself, it's how you use it. I agree looking down to type isn't the problem, unless you're looking down for an hour straight. I am limiting my computer usage more lately, and finding a lot I was doing wasn't that essential and I don't miss it. A notebook is good for checking email so I don't turn on the desktop and get trapped into doing "just one more thing", and I can hold it as close as I want and sit on the floor with my back supported. Clark, it sounds like your posture is the key item to focus on -- just put your awareness there every half-hour or so and ask "Is my body comfortable?". You don't want to be on automatic pilot running bad habits with your vision, and you don't want to do this with the rest of your body either.
clarknight Wrote:Nephew reduced glasses 1 time as I know of. Lives far away so not in touch much. Teens; more interested in other stuff.
I'm gonna try that notebook idea. Thougth about it in past. That's a good idea! Can use it on bus...

Careful of blanket statements, I am a teen myself.

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