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My experience and "succes"
I hope someone can benefit from this

My experience started appx. thirteen years ago, but I found out about dr. Bates about two and a half years ago. I got my first glasses when I was 16 years old(now I am 28) and I found them obstructive. I found the whole thing of having to wear some “contraption” just to see somehow absurd even then, but I didn't know about the Bates method then and no doctor (though I am sure some know about it) never tells you about it. I found my prescription exaggerated, because I thought I didn't realy have such big problems regarding my eyesight. I just had trouble reading written text from the back row in the class, otherwise I didn't find it debilitating. I think my prescription was -1.25 left eye and -1,50 left eye. During all this years it got a bit worse but not by much, now I think my prescription is around -1.50 right eye and -1.75 left eye (I don't know exactly because I haven't had a checkup for about 10 years now), though I found I also have astigmatism on both eyes, astigmatism I found is stronger with my left eye and I think that mainly because of astigmatism, my estimation is about 0.50 higher then in reality.

By reading theory about the processes connected or that are the reason for degradation of my eyesight and also reading scientific articles regarding eyesight degradation and my own experience, I somehow connected the dots to why I think my eyesight got bad or worse. I mostly found this out by asking myself questions how I felt at the time my eyesight started degrading and what were my TRUE interests. My conclusion was and still is, and I will back this up any day, that I started to think “outside the box”. The classes didn't really interest me (some did, some didn't) and I often found myself daydreaming, I started to live my “alternate” life in my mind, hidden from the outside world.
Though I was never restless or problematic or conflictive with the teacher and maybe this was the psychological conflict in me that lead to degradation of my eyesight.
I was always regarded as “the quiet one” (until recently Smile). Thoughts in my head were racing and before I found a topic in the conversation, I was having at the time, I really knew about, I remained quiet and mostly just listened. That is why I believe that eyesight degradation happens because of a psychological conflict between my thoughts in my head and my actions or the physical world. Those last few years found out that the human psyche is far more powerful in generating diseases than ANY outside source. ( if anyone has an interest in reading something additional connected with this statement, I suggest for him/her to look up German New Medicine in Google; it is a site and clinic dedicated to healing cancer by resolving psychological conflicts present in someone)

OK, now I am going to talk about the exercises themselves. So as I was saying, about two and a half years ago I found out about dr. Bates and his methods and I was amazed and anxious to try it out to see if it works for me. I red about the exercises on the Internet and afterwards I also bought a book by Christopher Markert: Better eyesight/vision without glasses.
I started doing many of the exercises and week by week I started getting “flashes” of 20/20 vision that were getting longer and longer. This fueled my enthusiasm and I started reading more about the theory regarding why some exercises work. At about that time I found out about affirmations and incorporated them into my exercises.

At that time I was studying and was living in a dorm. My problem was that although I was and still am quite happy with what I was studying I still didn't have a clue to what I wanted to really do in my life. That is why when doing exercises you have to focus on the ones that really somehow work for you and only you. For me exercises regarding focusing and palming were the most effective. I found out that not only my eyesight got better but also my goals started to slowly “crystallize”. In addition to doing exercises I also used affirmations. For me affirmation:” I accept divine guidance and I am always safe” worked wonders and I didn't just use affirmations when doing exercises, but in my life in general. Whenever I got scared or “lost” I used them and as I said, for me they worked wonders.

Regarding the method of palming.
Because my eyesight started to shift, my left eye got a bit better and my right eye got a bit worse, I started to think of reasons to why it is so. Here I found that old sayings are more true than you can ever imagine. I also used some common sense to figure out why this was happening. I don't know if you know about the saying that, if your left palm itches, you are supposed to receive money and, if your right hand itches, you are supposed to lose/spend money (I am talking about a male! Here, because I recently started reading about jing(jang and how this is reversed in females, but I am not 100% sure about this at the moment, I will update this post as soon as I will be sure). So gather energy with left hand “deposit” it with your right hand. That is why I believe the transference/change in the eyes happens with this exercise. So I still have to test this by doing palming with only one hand or something like that, but that will probably take time before some results are accomplished. Maybe try it for yourself and post back your thoughts and conclusions.

If you have any questions regarding this post you can reach me with PM or at my e-mail address

I will try to answer your questions as soon as possible.

This morning I woke up surprised that my vision was better than usual (at about 80%), I immediately checked to see if I forgot to take out my contact lenses, but I didn't. My vision is now at about 80% and staying there with long flashes of 20/20 vision. The best advice I can give you to get to where I got, is to listen to your inner voice and follow it to the point, as foolish as this may seem. Oh yeah, btw I haven't been doing any of the physical or mental exercises form dr. Bates for a couple of years now. So now I am sure it is all just in the head!!!
Your story seems to be very similiar to mine. I`m about your age and just beginning to listen to my inner voice.

I`ll post my story later - just wanted to tell you, that yours kinda cheered me up Smile
Longtime, I am glad to hear that I am not the only one and that you can somehow benefit from my experience and I from yours. You can't imagine how good it is to get some conformation regarding this.Because as I am sure you know that getting the result by listening to your inner voice and thus, most of the time completely changing who you are, is a long and hard process.

This morning I thought of an improved method of palming on the basis of my first post.

You put your left hand (for guys, for girls it is the opposite way around) across both your eyes and you put your right hand on the back of the head. My theory is that you can at least double the effect of palming with this, but I have yet to test it.

Ok, here is why it should work better than the basic palming technique, because those of us who tested it, we usually noticed some change regarding the dominant eye.

Imagine that you pull the bad energy from the eyes with your left hand when you breathe in (you have to breathe correctly with your diaphragm to maximize the effect) change this bad energy into good energy in your „stomach“ and then on breathing out you transfer the good energy through your right hand to the back of your head to the eyes. I think it is best if you imagine that the energy goes from the back of your head through the pineal gland (responsible for transforming visual information into such information the brain can interpret, basically responsible for seeing) thorough the optical nerves into your eyes, forcing out the bad energy and then when you breathe in you help to remove this bad energy by "pulling" with your left hand and then repeat the cycle. For better results I suggest that you find some pictures on the internet of the location of the pineal gland and how it is connected via the optical nerve to the eyes

I honestly believe that there might be something to this theory and worth a try. Report back if you get any results.
I like the idea. I'm gonna test.

I discovered these days my own method of palming, which works perfectly, but for myself only.
If someone is interested, i'll write him\her in the forum. So I am glad that Tomaž Žibert has found his own method and now he shares it with the others(i. e. with us, people who have some kinds of vision problems).


There is something about these "invividual methods". About few weeks ago I have discovered that gently covering my closed eyes with fists ( yup!) indicates very often clear flash! To be clear, someone might say that fists can change eyeball shape for a moment and that effects clear vision, but I dont even touch eyeballs with my fists, I just try to feel pressure on face, around eyes (cheeks, eyebrows) that is caused by my fists and it somewhat is very relaxing that I'm having 20/20 clear flash until I blink. So I think that stimulating space around eyes can bring relief and clears vision.
Of course you are right, Skywalker.You have found that the gentle touch of the tips of the fingers relaxes your eyes.I understood recently that the point is everyone to find his or her own method of relaxation.That's the key word - relaxation.Eyes can function normally when they are relaxed. I've read the Bates' book, this is mentioned there, but it's difficult for me to find where exactly it's written.
I'm still trying different methods of relaxation.They are connected with my interests-my favorite music, films, sports, conversations with pleasant people, even in at work I sometimes feel relaxed.
Staying at home with my parents and relatives relaxes me much. Travelling- too.....
I try in some situations to relax my brain,the body as a whole and the eyes.It sometimes happens, sometimes-not.
I wish you success.
Hi Thomaz
I looked up 'German New Medicine' and was surprised to find the familiar face of Dr Hamer, whom I met a long time ago and who impressed me a lot. He used to come to the Copyshop of the University where I had a Student's job; he told me about his theories and the difficulties he had with the authorities and gave me some of his writings.

I think, he is right, the psychosomatic factor in diseases is much underestimated in traditional medicine.
On the other hand you can't deny completely the other factors (discovered by traditional research) like environment, nutrition, way of life (stress, sports...) and genetics.
Maybe he would have had a much greater influence and reached a much larger audience if he had admitted, that traditional research is right to some extend, but the psychological aspect deserves much more consideration.
Yes Nini, I completely agree with you. Just the other day I was thinking how Chinese traditional medicine and the western medicine should "join hands". If these two different approaches would be joined, I believe that many of modern day diseases could be healed without the need of expensive drugs and/or invasive procedures (surgery). Because Chinese traditional medicine knows how different parts of our body are interconnected, for example pressure points on our hands and feet that are connected with different part or organs in our body. Our body is only giving us information that something is wrong when we get sick or are else having constant pain somewhere. Chinese traditional medicine could help us find the true source of illness. The western medicine could help because it has intricate knowledge of organs and their processes, they have gone into such detail of how everything works that they have forgotten about the big picture and are now going about relieving symptoms rather than finding the root of the problem.
So this is just something I think about when I have some spare time.

What are your thoughts?
Yes, I think that in traditional chinese medicine there is a lot of very valuable knowledge, especially of the the energy flow in the body and the harm, which is caused, when this flow is blocked. This is a level of our body about which western traditional medicine doesn't care at all, but when you imagine the effect which is produced by blocking the flowing water of a river you can estimate the importance.

The eye training and learning about wrong seeing habits have shown me more clearly, that our whole life is movement and energy and when you interfere with this movement by exercing a wrong control, forcing a wrong pattern, than the whole system will run out of shape...
I thought of another different method of palming that might also work.

It is basically analogue to focusing and increasing your energy in tantyen (the stomach area). I think it might work if you put your hands in the same way over the eyes and focus the energy there. So again, for guys the right palm over your left palm and girls left palm over your right palm. The one area I am not sure of, is where to breathe to. Do you still breathe with your diaphragm and focus your energy there, or do you breathe deeply through the nose into the head (lungs actually, but it feels as though oxygen is administered directly to the brain). So the theory is to focus and with each breath increase the energy field in your head.

Now I need guinea pigs, to test this theory. Any volunteers? ;D
Don't worry I don't expect any adverse affects. I tried both of the methods on myself, but I simply lack the time to do them regularly which would probably give better results.
Big surprise here Smile this morning I thought of yet another method of energy healing.

Yet another method of improving your eyesight with your inner energy, chi. It is best to do this exercise when you wake up or go to sleep; you have to do it while in bed. It helps if it is still dark outside and you have your eyes closed. It is best to do when you are not in a hurry and have at least half an hour of free time.

You start by placing your right palm over your left palm relaxed both over your abdomen (for guys, it is the opposite way round for girls). Then you start gathering and increasing your inner energy. You do this with correct breathing with your diaphragm into your abdomen. Take a couple of minutes relaxing while you do this. When you feel really relaxed, engage your thought process. Start imagining that you are gathering and increasing your energy with each breath you take, try to feel the warmth or coldness of fresh air rushing through your nose into your abdomen, but at the same time (when you gather enough energy) you can feel your inner energy rushing from your abdomen through your spine, then your pineal gland, through your optical nerves into your eyes. When you breathe out imagine “shooting” the now “tainted energy” out through your eyes. You can do this for as long as you feel like it.

I tried it myself this morning and really felt the whole process, that is why I am posting this. Remember: there is no harm in trying Wink.

My eyesight is improving on a daily basis and that is why I don't even consider wearing glasses or contacts any more. I would say that now I am at a stedy 90% with very long flashes of 20/20 vision Smile.
To be honest with you I am NOT DOING ANYof the exercises that dr. Bates or me (the ones described in my previous replys to this topic) came up with. The only thing that I am doing that is different to my "previous" bahaviour is that I am true to myself and am dong ALL (non damaging to my health or my wellbeing or the wellbeing of others) the things I really want and fear of new things is no longer a factor for me Smile.

Hope this gives you hope and a pointer to what you can achieve and how.
How do you measure 90%?
If it it 90% on the eye chart, this would correspond to something between the 20/25 (=80%) and 20/20 (=100%); I don't think that I would be able to make out the difference without looking at the eye chart and I would not realize clear flashes, but only a very slight fluctuation.


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