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eagleguy's thousand questions
Why were the doctors being rude to good O Dr. Bates for curing myopia? It says in the last chapter of Perfect Sight Without Glasses.
I've read the book Perfect Sight Without Glasses and William Bates have never mentioned anything about pinhole glasses. I've read about them on Google and people says that Bates created them, but he never mentioned them in his book.... Did Bates really create the pinhole glasses or is this a joke from people to make money?
Are pinhole glasses good for your vision? Do they improve your vision? Or are they bad for your vision? Do they cure your vision completely or just slightly?
Did he die by old age?
I've read in wikipedia saying Bates suffered from amnesia meaning memory loss... but I thought Bates is the master of relaxation having a relaxed mind.... so how did he have a suffering mind..? I thought he was healthy..
Yes, it's the difference between looking at something which is an optimum for you and something which is a pessimum. Your mental attitude and emotions have a big affect on how good your vision is.
Yes. Your attention and enthusiasm get turned back on, like when you were a child.
I answered this yesterday. You are writing so many posts, so focused on grabbing "the answer", that you are not letting any new information come in. Put the card close enough so you can see the first few lines.
Do some research. (My time of answering your incessant questions is getting very short, as I'm running out of patience and time.) He got kicked out of the AMA for helping doctors get rid of their glasses and making the other optometrists look bad.
Its well obvious that is someone creating spam here like someone did on effortlessvision forum. (unfortunately is now dead)
Is that what happened to that site? It's been down for months. But there weren't really any posts toward the end.

I don't think eagleguy is intentionally causing trouble... he just seems to lack some consideration.
Site Administrator

"Half of our funny, heathen lives, we are bent double to gather things we have tossed away." - George Meredith
It's my understanding that Robert Lichtman is revising his Effortless Vision site, that it is not "dead" at all. Let's not spread rumors! The last I heard from him he was working on a book, so I'm looking forward to what he has to offer us when he re-emerges.

I agree with David that eagleguy is not a spammer -- there's too much Bates-specific content to his posts. But he's the classic greedy end-gainer Aldous Huxley wrote about in "The Art of Seeing", and while I very much want to help him get on track and improve his vision, I was losing patience trying to slow him down enough to help him. Talk about getting in your own way, or not seeing yourself as others see you! (And I hate to think how close to my own behavior over 10 years ago his is...)
guys guys, I just started using this web like 3 days ago. I didn't know questions would be a problem. I will delete some if it causes so much trouble. I thought there were going to be a lot of people answering questions around so I posted many. Also, I've heard of but that site never worked so I founded this site on google. And "Nancy" I did not expect you to answers all my questions. At the bottom of the website it says the most online people were 400 something. I thought they all had different world times than me; I've thought they were all going to be on some other time in the time when I sleep.
So I look at the bottom row of the Snellen test card; I look at the first letter then move turn my eye balls to the next letter or do I move my head while my eye balls are looking straight to the next letter? I really don't get all what you have said. Thanks for the help though.
Move your attention first, and your gaze will immediately follow. If you move your gaze more than a little your head will follow, then your boy will turn in that direction. Attention (brain) leads, eyes (gaze) and head and body follow. Watch how a healthy child uses his or her eyes, naturally following the action of interest, no effort.
Maybe shifting and swinging isn't a good idea for me. I could be doing it wrong. You think I should just do palming and reading the Snellen test card?


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