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eagleguy's thousand questions
Hi Nancy, (sorry; called you Sandy; I am training a lady named Sandy Richards today and got confused on here. Its breaktime!)

I couldn't find a page with a subject about Robert so I posted here because he sent us e-mails saying his forum is now in operation again and we are invited to visit. I am sorry if it's worng to post here. I know eagle eye's posts are a pain. I think he was some crazy guy or just a person with a reason for disrupting the Forum.
I'm glad to know that Robert's forum is available, at least. I too am eager to hear what new stuff he has come up with.
David and Robert are the best on the Internet in my opinion. I often think they should co-author a book. It would be totally the best and with all their experience..! Wow!
Regarding Robert Lichtman: yesterday a woman from NYC called me looking for vision help. After a long conversation, she said she'd really like to work with me but isn't willing to do so via Skype or phone, that she needs someone to work with in person, and she also doesn't want to make the hour and a half trip up here. I referred her to Robert Lichtman who I thought was still in NYC, giving her the 2 last emails I had for him, and we agreed to keep in touch. I have a feeling she might find a friend to drive her up here for a vision lesson with me, or decide to give a phone or Skype session a go -- we'll see.

So today she sends me a note that she wrote to Robert, and this was his terse reply:
Quote:I live in Southern California and do not currently teach the Bates Method.
Good luck,
So I'll stop referring people to him now until he surfaces again. He may want time alone to work on his book. Just wanted to let everyone know.
Thanks for the update. I realize that people work on books for years before publishing, so who knows when he'll resurface. I just hope he's OK.
clarknight Wrote:Nancy, David... Robert is back! He was in College; Ph D
in Cognitive Psychology. He's going to use it with the Bates Method!
Now that forum is unavailable. I hope that's not a bad sign.
I got e-mails saying to go there... but then its says not open... No forum posts.
Now it says "This domain name expired on 06/30/2013 and is pending renewal or deletion."
The site is back, but the forum is still unavailable.


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