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What is a wrong thought ?
" The origin of any error of refraction, of a squint, or of any other functional disturbance of the eye, is simply a thought - a wrong thought - and its disappearance is as quick as the thought that relaxes. " - William Bates.

Despite of reading this quote lot of times,sometimes i have doubts. I'm referring to this situations:

1) Listening music that creates some excitement, it's a wrong thought?
2) After doing some techniques of relaxation and not seeing any improvement on my vision I felt frustrated. Could be a wrong thought ?
3) Feeling anger,lacking and bored is also a wrong thought ?
For practical purposes I would suggest considering it as to do literally with the way you look at things. Consider how frustration changes the way you look at things or how you use your eyes, or how listening to music does, or anger, boredom, etc. Or to put it another way, notice what is really behind what you're doing, or why you do things the way you do. Your thoughts run constantly, reinforcing the way you always do things and not usually changing much, just added onto. Each part of this programming might not be put into words, but it exists as something; a feeling, a tiny belief... something. This something is what I think Bates was referring to as a "thought". It's like finding and working a knot out of your back.
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"Half of our funny, heathen lives, we are bent double to gather things we have tossed away." - George Meredith
DaniFixe, thanks for this question, which made me reflect on my own view of this. Dave, thanks too -- I see it similarly. I look at my "wrong thoughts" as unhelpful ones, like if the chart is blurry and I get frustrated and impatient, thinking "This is taking way too long -- what's the matter with me today?" this does not help to make it clearer! If I calm myself and look at the chart more peacefully, thinking "The clarity is right there -- I just have to let it emerge", the letters might start clearing up. Note that though I recognize this, I still don't always do the right thing, so I have to keep practicing. I'm practicing my attitude as much as my looking.
Nancy, so what you do with your wrong thoughts is just let them coming and not force to think about them or trying to eliminate them. Am i right ?
DaniFixe, yes, now that you mention it, it's similarly to how I treat the Dreaded Blur. I notice the thoughts (or blur), but don't fight them or push them away or try as hard as I can to pretend they're not there. If I can stay in this non-judgemental accepting attitude, maybe even laughing at myself a little, they usually shift on their own. As I said, I cannot always do this, but am getting there more often now, and it feels right. Plus I can see more clearly, so it must be correct, at least for me.

when I read you first question I was really shocked! How could that EVER be a wrong thought? I would rather recommend to listen to music that creates a lot of excitement, and to hear it really loud! Big Grin Somehow we have to feel that we're alive, right? Or did I completely misunderstand your question?

With "wrong thoughts" Bates probably meant the wrong habits of using the eyes/visual system, not bad thoughts overall. People with normal eyesight sometimes feel frustrated or bored, too!
Jeff thank you. You explained well to my doubt.

Nancy,thank you too.

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