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Hey funny as!
I hate going to the eye doc. Constant pressure to sell lasik. They can't fit me with any strength glasses because my vision is clear; so all lenses they try to sell produce extreme blur, glaring lines of lights, immediate headache... Without glasses I see fine. I made sure they kept my test and the fact that they cannot prescribe glasses on my record. I left the glasses with them after stepping on them, crushing the frames, lens so they can't try to re-sell to anyone else. The eye doctor just hid in the back room and let the secretary try to sell glasses and give pamphlets for lasik.

Those machines they have us look into poorly simulate distant... vision. It's not the true distance the chart, letters are at so normal convergence, divergence, accommodation, un-accommodation is imperfect when looking in the machine-in my opinion-.

Why won't they just let us read a paper chart on the wall at the real distance? Because then we can use our eyes naturally, normal during the exam, no neck tension, relaxed free eye movement... and pass the exam; no prescription sales.

- Free Eye Chart PDFs

  • 20 ft, 10 ft, and Near Vision Charts
  • Letters Calibrated to Correct Printed Size
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