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Am i relaxing?
From time to time my eyes burn very bad and my eye muscles become very stiff. I try to palm but i feel more strained when i palm, so most of the time i just wear shades to block some of the light from entering my eyes. After a few minutes i feel a tickle sensation on my forehead and i focus all my attention and thoughts into the tickle because it felt good! During the tickle sensation in my forehead, i can feel how tight my eye muscles are and it didn't really bother me because i felt like i could control them. I can hold this sensation as long as i want (as long as i don't move my body or change my thoughts). So is this a sign of relaxation? if so i will continue to practice this (:
I think this is a question for one of the more experienced users to answer, but if light sensitivity is the problem, then I think some sunning could be beneficial. Otherwise I'd leave the question open to one with more experience (maybe David, Nancy, Clarknight, or someone of similar caliber).
Fiat is right that sun is good for your eyes, but of course if you're straining that's not good. Strain is the opposite of being relaxed, and you want to identify when and how you do it so you can let it go. Think of times when you're engaged in an activity you enjoy and not thinking about your eyes -- that's the feeling you want to have more of the time. My guess is that you're going too fast, trying to accomplish, so just slow down. Palming should be a nice break, not stressful, so don't TRY to see black, just let yourself rest and sink into the peace of it. If focusing on the forehead tickle feels good, it is probably more relaxing than what you were doing before, and may be a place to start to identify when you're stressed and straining, and when you're relaxed.
Tickel in the forehead can be the eye muscles trying to work correct, relax (as when first starting to read fine print to cure presbyopia or reversing very unclear distant vision).
It can also be a sign of sinus; sinus conjestion from dry air, heat, pollen, air pollution can cause a annoying tickel in the forehead between the eyes and above, can cause astigmatism, blur, tense feeling eye muscles, eye movement. Moving the eyes can make the sinus tickle be felt.
May also be a symptom of neck tension, computer work, tension headache. Tense neck muscles can make the person prone to conjestion.
No sunglasses! Plain eyeglasses also block out part of the sun's light spectrum, impairing the eyes natural tolerance to light and lowering vision, eye health. Eat good; spinach, carrots, other healthy food for the eyes.

I know all this only because I have goofed up myself, experienced it and had to cure it.

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