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Peter Grunwald (EyeBody Method) audio
Peter is Bates Method trained, many years ago by famous teacher Janet Goodrich. He has combined the Bates Method with the posture and body alignment discipline of the Alexander Technique to create his own Eyebody Method ( of vision improvement. I took a full week class with him in both 2010 and 2011, intense work and play from 7AM meditations before breakfast to walks in the dark after 9PM every day. I learned a lot there, and those experiences can be found on my blog. The workshops were in early July, so look for them in that time period under the Eyebody category. Even with this experience and listening to his audios which are only available to his students, I feel like I'm just starting to understand his theories -- he feels like a zen master putting spiritual concepts into inadequate words to communicate a step-by-step understandable procedure. I sympathized with the interviewer in this audio, as at times it felt like he and Peter were on 2 different channels. There's still a lot of useful information that comes through, about pinholes, connections between the parts of the eye and other parts of the body, the link between emotions and over-focus or under-focus, and much more. Notice this is download-able if you really like it. I don't know how long this replay will be accessible. Enjoy!

May I place a link to your blog, next to Sorrisi's on my website?
Clark, sure, I'd be honored. Just make sure people know that the posts are about dreams as well as about vision (and yes, often about both). If I've put them in the Vision category David posts them here, otherwise not, so you may wish to do the same. If a post is about a dream it will start with "Dream: xxx...". I just don't want your followers to be confused.
Placing a link to your blog with those directions. Will also say to check out your posts here.

Thanks mucho!!

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