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What to do
Hello I have very severe myopia -10 in both eyes.

What exercices or relaxation techniques should I do.

Also I do computer work for which I need glasses.

I use -5 minus glasses for computer.

Thank you a lot.

The first step is to know that you can improve your vision if you follow directions properly with the right frame of mind, although results may take a long time in coming, and are not necessarily guaranteed.

The second step is to decide which route you want to take if you choose the Bates method of vision improvement which I highly recommend and am using. You can hire a teacher which could speed up your progress, or you can go the free route and learn the hows and whys of everything yourself online.

If you choose to hire a teacher, then I can direct you to two great ones, and a list of others.

If you choose to go the free route, I'll give you some pointers to start with. Please follow them in this order.

1. Read David's recent blog posts and introduction to the method on the left at the home page to get a feel for how to look at things properly as you re-learn good visual habits (one tip, staring is not real relaxation).

2. Go to <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w --> and look at the illustrations of palming, the sway, and the different swings.

4. If you know about either the Alexander technique or EFT, these are both things that will greatly help you to both improve your vision, and be more relaxed and open overall. For that matter, if you have learned any sort of meditation technique, you'll understand the principles of the Bates Method faster.

5. The different featured blogs (especially Nancy and Sorrisi) are great things to read to understand how everything works. A quick tip from Sorrisi on palming is to make micro movements in your arms while still having your palms touching your face to help prevent strain from getting stored up in them.

6. You already are using reduced prescription lenses to a degree. For yourself, that may be needed for your current degree of myopia to prevent bad posture while on computers, and a reduced prescription for driving would be good as well. Not -5 diopters though. I think that is too weak for you to safely use right now. Probably -9 diopters, although Nancy will be able to give better info since she started vision improvement with -10 contacts.

7 [optional]. Assuming you aren't already overwhelmed (yes you CAN ask clarifying questions on here if you need to), reading Dr. Bate's original works and those by many good teachers will help you to understand how the method came about, how well it worked and can work, what happened to it, and how to apply it. Also, most are now freely available online due to their copyright expiring.

If you decide to read these books there are two and one magazine that I would place first on that list. Dr. Bate's "Perfect Sight Without Glasses", Dr. Bate's "Better Eyesight Magazine", and "Paul's Pathway to Normal Vision". All three are free online.

8. I'd also pay particular attention to how to use a Snellen chart as stated by Nancy, Sorrisi, and Dr. Bates.

9. Also, an important point is the "Universal Swing". It's a hard concept to grasp until you personally experience it, but it is quite a fundamental concept. Don't stress over not understanding it, but put it to good use once you have experienced it and understand it better.

10. Put these into practice and start relearning how to see!

Perfect Sight Without Glasses free download