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recommend a solution to refractive error.
After a long time got a my new glasses done that's of reduced prescriptions as I need to attend my college lectures and see far small writings on the board. Yesterday I wore them for merely 30 minutes and after removing it, the clearity was all same like before wearing those glasses, but what I noticed the most is that the eye-lashes seem like heavy and swollen up like soft cotton and it felt like lazy to lift them up every time I blink. And this feeling lasted for a few minutes unless I went for a cold splash of water on my eyes.
Hello mates ;D
Back again after a little break.
Now these days I facing a problem that when I get exposed to the bright day-light, my eyes can not bear the brightness of the sun and as a result my eyes-lids gets narrow on their own every-time my eyes are subjected to the sunlight. And my face expressions get much weird and more of it, it also feels irritating to narrow eyes and sometimes I experience a little and annoying pain >Sad on the sides of the forehead; and the face even loses the charm, indicating that I am not feeling well :-[ . Kindly recommend me how to cop up with such type of situation or handle the situation in a better and little easier way.


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