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double vision, due to astigmatism?
My weaker eye gets tired quicker too. Well it is not as bad as it was in the start when I first starting using it whilst closing the better eye. I actually could only manage a very short time of reading very close up before the bad eye would be sore and my vision would go all grey and pixelated and I would be forced to stop. This was a month ago.

I know what you mean about the two eyes fighting for dominance especially when the worse eye is getting a chance sometimes to be in charge of vision for a while. They don't seem to blend together as happily to they? I see that as a temporary problem though that will resolve itself once the worse eye is better. The brain's final image will just have to adjust to the new set up.

I'm trying out the long swing at the moment and the memory swing. I think my weaker eye is really enjoying this exercise. I read in Bates magazines last night about how the swing is good for astigmatism. I do feel like the weaker eye has a wonky shape to it and think it might be molded nicely and gently into a normally shape via swinging. lol I have only just learned the memory swing and I really like it because it is really easy to do anywhere and not difficult to learn. (keep head still and eyes closed whilst move eyes gently from side to side) I have also realized that I do my own short head swing a lot; swinging head from side to side as if to say no! I find this very helpful if I am straining and it seems to shake off my strain and my vision clears again.

Interesting Nini,how you tried the plus lens for a while. I don't think I will ever try it, especially not after reading Clark Night's posts about the link with cataracts. I suppose instead of making the short sight better then you might end longsighted too. I really do think that Bates would have suggested it if he thought it was a good idea. I'm sure he had enough intelligence and imagination to have considered it as an option. He does say that glasses are an injury to the eye which I suppose must include plus lens therapy.

That is great the vision you have managed to achieve with the bad eye by letting both eyes work together. I suppose this is the first time I've ever made the bad one work so at the moment it's getting trained! Then I will be more relaxed and let the two eyes do their thing. I might even call it my good eye! just want to see how far I can take it.

Bifocal, don't know if I have ,prism on glasses. I don't wear my glasses now anyway. The optician said there was astigmatism though but it's not really bad. I went to a vision teacher recently and she said my binocular vision is fine. She said it is because my weaker eye is my true dominant eye and it wants to see the best and be top dog. However I know that sometimes my eyes work ok together but when I look up close to something or my eye is tired it tends to squint off. I didn't tell her that though.

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