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double vision, due to astigmatism?
Sorry for slow reply. I was posting quite a lot on here and needed to take a break. Anyway, that moon swing is beautiful and so relaxing. I loved it. I will definitely incorporate that into my eyesight agenda. I really liked the astigmatism wheel with the three lines on Clark Night's website that you suggested. It is really helping my right eye. I even managed to look at it without creating extra lines from astigmatism.

The hopping idea is a good one. I like David's story about the hot potatoes. I know what you mean about how the shifting can start hopping on the small letters purposely and then the eyes are able to relax meaning that the shifting has become a more natural affair. I like to think of a small black dot or imagine the tiny letters flickering (imagining the top part clear and black and then the bottom part). I try and tell myself that the bottom letters don't all look alike! One thing I've started to do before going to sleep is imagine the tiny F on my eye chart pulsating with central fixation. I really find this has helped me see it more now when I'm at my eye chart during the day. It also helps me relax and sleep better. I had read recently about someone in the Bates magazines imagining similar.

I'm patching up the :good eye" at the m0ment with strange results. The "bad eye" is definitely getting stronger and its vision is improving. However sometimes I have to abandon the patch because my vision starts to go all grey and pixelated. It's like my left eye hates being patched for too long. Also there was a haze over the right eye's vision which is still there but not as bad. It's like the vision is there under a fog that sometimes clears revealing the letters. I was reading an old success story about someone else patching up an eye and his bad eye was very stiff like mine too. At first mine was like a wonky supermarket trolley grooving into strange directions under certain limitations.

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