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Eyesight and genetics
Okay I just want to say I'm not trying to be a skeptic of the bates method, I believe vision can be improved naturally but this is in regards to the largely accepted idea that vision defects, especially myopia is hereditary.

I haven't got around to all of bates book as of this time and I thought I would just put this topic out their. In my case. Neither of my parents had any vision defects although my dad did get prescribed glasses for farsightedness for his 39th birthday but he didn't have any problems up until then and by that time I was seven and my brother was four. Neither of us had any vision problems then either. Although I eventually was given glasses my brother has always enjoyed 20/20 vision. In regards to my larger family only two out of about twenty cousins have glasses, one with slight myopia and another with moderate.

So what's the story with genetics and eyesight is it that children just inherit their parents habits of seeing or something else. Any feedback will be helpful.
I believe we learn how to be adults by copying our parents, attitudes and behavior patterns and beliefs.Many never question these, thinking they are "facts".

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