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David's method - Find it here!
Lex Wrote:David,

Thanks you for explaining the method so clearly. I think it's a really valuable piece of information. After reading through it though, it strikes me that you don't really mention the eye muscles, which according to Bates are so important in accommodation of the eyes. Reading your method, I feel that seeing is much more of a mental skill than anything else.

Where in your opinion does the eye muscle tension theory that Bates writes so much about fit in ? I mean : will using your method automatically make the eye muscles release tension ?


I only have the same theoretical understanding that anyone else would about the eye muscles from reading Bates's book and some other sources. In the article I'd rather stick to things I'm more confident about.

I originally didn't realize this thread would accept replies. I just meant it as a sticky topic to give the link, so I'm going to lock it now. Please post any more comments or questions in another thread or a new thread.
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