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The Root of all Disease...Including Myopia...?
For some reason, myopia is seen as an incureable disease just like Cancer, AIDS and Diabetes. But even these seemingly incurable diseases have been cured by many alternative medicine therapies, including urology (amaroli), ayurveda, alkaline diet, water fasting etc. There are many success stories and testimonials that attest to this, and although the media rarely publicize this and the government rarely spread awareness about them, people are quick to lable these alternative therapies as quackery...much like Dr. Bates has been called a quack time and time again.

According to ayurveda, Ama (mucus) is the root cause of all disease. Ama is said to be toxic and is caused by food which is not digested properly. Toxins accumulated in the body weaken the immune system and we become vulnerable to infections; they adversely effect our digestion and eventually can lead to serious neurological problems.

Recently, a friend introduced me to Dr. Sebi, a self-taught herbalist who is a huge advocate of the alkaline diet. Dr. Sebi says that when you have sinusitis, what’s in the nasal passage? Mucus. When you have bronchitis, what’s in the bronchial tubes? Mucus. When you have pneumonia what’s in the lungs? Mucus. When you have Diabetes what is obstructing the pancreas passages?…Mucus again. Everything is mucous, from AIDS to blindness is mucous in the system that needs to be swept out.

They say the diseases are many, but the cause is one. Sometimes the root of all disease has been cited as inflammation, some say it's mucus, and yet others say it's a weakened immune system. Whatever the case is, can getting rid of this singular cause rid us of all our health problems, including myopia?
I tried water fasting for about 5 days (wanted to do longer, but only managed 5). I noticed a pretty immediate improvement in vision - I guess by about .50 of a diopter. Took about a day to get this benefit. I assume had I remained on the fast, the improvements may have increased.
I think the clearing of mucus might be one of the effects of such a fast, and it does seem to improve eyesight substantially, although the effects tend to disappear once a normal diet is resumed (they did in my case and another case I've heard of). One possible way of maintaining the effects could be to go on a very cleansing diet after the fast. I did not know that the ayurveda diet highlights mucus as the root cause of disease; that's very interesting. One thing I noticed during the fast was a vast improvement in how well I could smell. It was as if something had been cleared out of my sinuses; I guess it was mucus. I don't know if mucus is the root cause of myopia, but it's probably a big part of the problem.

I have fasted a few days ago for a total of 2 days and a few hours, until I started to get very fatigued and weakly, and I had to break the fast inmediately as my body was telling me that I couldn't go further without food, and I started to gradually eat fruit, broths then other dishes through the day. I did ingested during that period of fasting only water and fruit juice. I fasted with the idea in mind that I could make me more aware of tension in my body and maybe could clear my vision, because it's well know that fasting is for "being more attentive", "increase mental clarity", "enhance spiritual connection"... though it did not happen for me. Based on my experience: If you want to give fasting a try, listen to your body, and to the first sign of awkwardness, break the fast inmediately and start eating, though slightly.

Do not be deceived for those "spiritual seekers" out there, telling that you can dispense with food and you can feed with the light (see Hira Ratan Manek and other). I'm not saying they are hoaxes, quackery. Always use common sense.

Best Regards.
Thanks guys,

Incidentaly I also did water fasting for almost 4 days,, at the end of which I had lost so much weight that I looked literally like only skin and bones, and felt even worse. I truly felt like I was on the verge of death (ROFL) and broke the fast with some vegetable broth, which only served to stir in me a ravenous hunger. Within a few days, I was back to normal looking health again. Nope, I wouldn't recommend doing a water fast if you're someone whose been a largely junk food diet and live in a polluted city. In such cases it's better to ease into it by becoming a vegetarian, vegan and then doing a raw food diet.
Try Islamic fasting.

Eat a pre-dawn the sun begins to rise. Dates and milk are traditional, plus lots of water.

Then go the whole day without food of drink at all...then after sunset break fast with dates (if you can) and milk and eat a light meal.

If you don't have dates, figs will do...but make sure that you take a multivitamin if you don't feel hungry after that because you need the nutrients. Don't eat too many carbs because they will weigh you down..same with meat. Eat lots of veggies and a little whole grains. You will find your appetite will decrease as you go on.

This is the most sustainable way of fasting I have found. Once you get past the first 3 days, if you have any addictions they should be gone. Then you may start to feel a little weak, but once you are 2 weeks in it becomes normal. The weakness should not panic you...that's your body adjusting and resetting itself to ration your calories. It gets better, be patient!

You will find that during the day you have so much energy (and time!) because your body doesn't have to go through the extra strain of digesting and you don't have to prepare meals.

If you are diabetic or have insulin issues, do not do this without consulting your doctor.

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