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Sunning is to exercise the pupils!
I have been dealing with cataracts and very many floaters these last 3 years and I found the Bates Method recently. Like many others who promote eye exercises, he promoted sunning and sungazing. I did the sunning with an occasional peek at the sun. My eyesight seems to get worse each time, that is, cloudier and more blurry. Then I found Meir Schneider and his School for Self Healing. He was born legally blind and restored his vision with the Bates Method. I listened to his short mp3 on sunning and was surprised to learn that, according to him, sunning is to exercise the pupils! I wish I had known this before. If Bates mentions this in his articles, I missed it. I thought the only purpose of sunning was to get sunlight into the eyes so I didn't focus on turning my head far enough so that the eyes would get less sunlight and the pupils would work harder. Now that I understand what I am doing, I feel more confident in the practice. I usually want to know the why of an exercise before I do it, yet lately I have become desperate as my eye sight is getting worse so quickly. Just wanted to share this and hear what others think.
By the way, for me, cataract surgery is not an option. I feel that I need to get to the root of why cataracts are forming. I can tell that my eyes are tense and stress out all the time. If that is the main cause, I need to work on the relaxation exercises, especially sunning and palming. I recently met a friend of mine who had cataract surgery. They inserted prescription lenses! So scary to think about. Irwin

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