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Few Questions
1) How do you determine if your eyes are tense? Does squeezing the eyeball tell you if the eye is tense or not (whether I've been using them correctly)? This is what I've been going by recently.

2) Every time I wake up I notice my eyes are very tense (per #1). I get 8 - 10 hours of sleep everyday. Do I meditate before going to bed, would this change anything?
1. I don't know of any eyeball squeezing test or what it should or shouldn't feel like or if there is a good or bad range.
2. Anything that helps your eyes relax during the day will carry over somewhat to sleep. So I recommend focusing on what you do during the day.
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Dr. Bates recommended doing some long swings before lying down to sleep, so the eyes would stay relaxed overnight.

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