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Ex-gay therapy
Just saw this column at WND (formerly WorldNetDaily.) I don't agree with his overall stance on homosexuality, but should we be worried about attempts to ban such therapy? A lot of those points could apply to vision improvement as well. In particular:
Quote:“The entire house of medicine has rejected this phony and sham therapy,” said Lieu.

Yet, if that were true, there would be no need to ban its practice. If there weren’t a market for the therapy, why would legislation banning it be necessary? If there weren’t practitioners making a living serving those who willingly seek out such therapy, what would be the point of a prohibition?
There is one theory that says that pregnants shouldn't eat/drink plastic products because it can turn the babies into homosexual. They had experimented with snails; they put them into an plastic bottle and start to see that they became asexual after some time.
The persons of this study advised the authority to ban the plastic,but of course this wasn't even discussed.

Now you ask:"Why the interest of turning people into gay?". Is simple, just watch them and you will see that they are good consumers,and show a lot of luxury. The reason is the same of selling glasses: Money!

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